Person:Samuel Black (8)

Samuel Black
d.BEF 1871
  1. Robert Black1864 - BEF 1870
  2. Samuel Black1866 - BEF 1871
  3. William Black1868 - 1958
  4. Robert Black1871 - AFT 1894
  5. Martha Jane Black1872 -
  6. Margaret Black1876 -
  7. Samuel James Black1877 -
  8. Matthew Black1879 -
  9. John Black1881 -
  10. Mary Black1884 -
Facts and Events
Name[1][2] Samuel Black
Gender Male
Birth[2][1] 16 SEP 1866 Govan, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Death[1] BEF 1871

SAMUEL BLACK was born on 16 Sep 1866 at Govan, Lanarkshire, Scotland. There is no Samuel in the 1871 censusS2. There is a four year old Samuel James in the 1881 censusS3. Either the LDS birth year has a typo and should read 1876 instead of 66, or Matthew and Margaret had two sons named Samuel and lost the first. Since there is room for a child in 1866 and they went to the trouble to designate the child in the 1881 census with two names, the assumption is that LDS reference is correct as written and that there were two sons named Samuel.

This elder Samuel must have died before 1871 as there is no Samuel in the 1871 censusS3.

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