Person:Robert Edmondson (6)

Robert Edmondson, Jr.
b.17 MAR 1753 Virginia
m. 1752
  1. Robert Edmondson, Jr.1753 - 1816
  2. Thomas Edmondson1759 - 1824
  3. Elizabeth EdmondsonABT 1760 - ABT 1830
  4. William Edmondson1765 -
  5. Samuel EdmondsonABT 1767 -
  6. John Edmondson1769 -
  7. James EdmondsonABT 1771 -
  8. Margaret Edmondson1773 - 1858
  9. Andrew EdmondsonABT 1775 -
  10. Jane EdmondsonABT 1777 -
m. 1776
  1. Jane Edmondson
  2. Agnes Edmondson
  3. Nancy Holmes EdmondsonAFT 1776 -
  4. William Edmondson1780 -
  5. Andrew J. Edmondson1793 - 1872
Facts and Events
Name Robert Edmondson, Jr.
Gender Male
Birth[1] 17 MAR 1753 Virginia
Marriage 1776 Washington County, Virginiato Isabella Buchanan
Military[1] 1780 Served in the Battle of King's Mountain, sometimes erroneously said to have died in battle.
Death[1] 16 FEB 1816 Davidson County, Tennessee


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This article concerns Robert Edmondson, son of William Edmiston commonly designated "Senior" in the records of Southwest Virginia. Robert was wounded Battle of Kings Mountain in which he served as a Lieutenant under Captain David Beattie. Following the end of the Revolution he moved to the Cumberland plateau in what is now Tennessee, presumably taking advantage of land warrants given by the State of North Carolina for service during the Revolution. His father's will, written in 1788, places him "upon Cumberland":

[I bequeath] cattle upon Cumberland after my son Robert has satisfied himself for his trouble in taking care of them, to be equally divided between my sons John and James, except one cow to my son William.

Land records Summers, 1929 in Washington County include the following:

1289 Was Oct 22 1789 Robert Edmiston Robert Edmondson of the County of Davidson NC, to Samuel Carson, 28 pounds, 92 ac south side South Fork Holston
1296 Was Sept 18 1792 Robert Edmondson Robert Edmondson of the County of Davison NC, to Samuel Carson, 28 pounds, 114 ac South Fork Holston

Which are consistent with Robert being in Davidson County [2] by 1788 when his fathers will was written.

See: Indenture, Aug 1782

Finally to Shelbyville, Tennessee.

19 Aug 1782 Robert Edmundson of the one part and William Edmundson Senr. of the other part both of the County of Washington and State of Virginia - for and in consideration of the sum of Five shillings in hand paid hath granted bargained and sold one certain Tract or parcel containing two hundred and fifteen acres be the same more or less being part of a tract granted to Col. William Edmundson by King George's Proclamation in the Year 1763... bordering white oaks on Andrew Buchanans land... Signed Robert Edmondson and Isabella Edmundson. Wits: Thos. Edmeston, Andrew Buchanan and Wm. Edmiston. Recorded 20 Aug 1789 [Washington Co. VA Deed Book 1 p. 19] See Digital Library for original

Family Relations

Personal Data

Personal Data
Father:Person:William Edmiston (3)
Spouse:Isabella Buchanan
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  2. The reference to NC may be a source of confusion as their is a modern Davidson County, NC. The "Davidson County" referred to here is in the general area of modern Davidson and Rutherford Counties TN, which were still part of North Carolina until 1793. Davidson County NC was not formed until well after 1800.