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m. 2 Sep 1613
  1. Robert Carr1614 - aft 1681
  2. Gov. Caleb Carr1616 - 1695
  3. Richard Carr1620 - 1695
  4. Richard CarrBEF 1621 - 1689
  5. Andrew Carr1622 -
m. EST 1651
  1. Esek CarrAbt 1650 - 1744
  2. Caleb Carr1657 - 1700
Facts and Events
Name Robert Carr
Gender Male
Birth? 4 Oct 1614 Greater London, England
Marriage EST 1651 <, Newport, Rhode Island>to Elizabeth Lawton
Burial[2] 1681 Newport, Newport, Rhode Island, United States
Death[2] aft 1681 Newport, Newport, Rhode Island, United States

Robert came to America with his brother Caleb, on the ship "Elizabeth Ann", commanded by CPT. Roger Cooper which sailed from London May 9, 1635. On this shipping record is listed: "Caleb Carr, aged 19; and Robert Carr, aged 21, described as a "tayler", sailed for New England, on 9th of May, 1635,on the Elizabeth Ann". Both brothers were minors who were sent to America after the death of their parents to live with their uncle William, who had previously settled in Bristol, R.I. A few years later the two brothers settled in Newport, R.I. They were both freemen of Newport (Records of National Society of Colonial Dames of America, Rhode Islaand, pg 92 in Rhode Island Manual) Robert was admitted as an inhabitant in Portsmouth, Feb.2 1, 1639, and a freeman in Newport, March 16, 1641. He was one of the original purchasers of the island of Conanicut (now known as Jamestown) in Narragansett Bay,of the Indians, which contained property in Newport. Both Robert and Caleb were close associates of William Coddington who came from Boston, Linclonshire, England, as one of the original members of the Mass. Bay Company in 1629 and was a leading merchant in Boston, Mass. during this period. Early in 1637, a group of people led by William Coddington left Boston because of religious differnces. They went to Providence and conferred with Roger Williams as to settling in those parts. With the active aid of Mr. Williams, the group purchased from the Indians the large island of Aquidnick and immediately founded the town of Pacassit (later called Portsmouth). In 1639, William Coddington and a small group of leading men removed to the south end of the island to lay out a new settlement, Newport. Robert embraced the religion of the Society of Friends and was known as a Quaker. His will was dated April 20, 1681. From:"Seventeenth Century Colonial Ancestors" page 46:CARR,ROBERT (1614-1681) R.I. m.E lizabeth. LandownerS ome information from Elizabeth Marren Perinchief, Certified Genealogist, 225 High St., Mt. Holly, NJ.,Phone # 609-267-1122, in letter dated 20 Nov 1990, to Janet H. Augustyn, 306 Douglas Drv., West Chester, PA., 19380.

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    "Elizabeth And Anne", Roger Cooper, Master. She sailed about the middle of May and arrived at Boston in Midsummer, with one hundred and two passengers [Public Record Office MSS., and Drake: Founders, 20, 22, 24, 27, 28, 29, 30].

    Mrs. Marjorie Washburn 49 of Evesham, county Worcester to Plymouth

    John Washburn 14

    Phillip Washburn 11

    Robert Hawkins 25 husbandman Charlestown

    Mrs. Mary Hawkins 24

    John Whitney 35 Watertown

    Mrs. Ellen Whitney 30

    John Whitney 11

    Richard Whitney 9

    Nathaniel Whitney 8

    Thomas Whitney 6

    Jonathan Whitney 1

    John Palmerley 20

    Richard Martin 12

    Abigail Eaton 35 Watertown

    Mary Eaton 4

    Thomas Eaton 1

    William Hubbard 35 Salem

    Thomas Hubbard 10

    Nicholas Sension 13

    Henry Jackson 29 Watertown

    John Jackson 27

    Sarah Cartrack 24

    Mildred Cartrack 2

    Jane Dammand 9

    Mary Broomer 10

    Thomas Alsopp 20

    Joseph Alsopp 14

    Percy King 24 maidservant

    Thomas Hodsall 47

    Alexander Baker 28 Gloucester

    Mrs. Elizabeth Baker 23

    Elizabeth Baker 3

    Christian Baker 1

    Samuel Baker 30

    Clement Chaplin 48 of Thetford, county Norfolk Cambridge

    William Swayne 50 Watertown

    Richard Brock 31 Carpenter

    Edward Sale 24

    Daniel Preston 13

    Richard Goard 17

    Thomas Lord 50 smith, of Towcester, Northants Hartford

    Mrs. Dorothy Lord 46

    Thomas Lord 16

    Anne Lord 14

    William Lord 12

    John Lord 10

    Robert Lord 9

    Amy Lord 6

    Dorothy Lord 4

    James Cobbett 23

    Josias Cobbett 21

    Joseph Faber 26

    William Samond 19

    John Holloway 21

    Jane Bennett 16

    William Reeve 22

    Christopher Stanley 32 tailor, perhaps of London Boston

    Mrs. Susanna Stanley 31

    Henry Wilkinson 25 tallow chandler Ipswich

    Robert Haws 19 soap boiler Roxbury

    Samuel Hull 25

    William Swynden 20

    John Halsey 24

    Vincent Potter 21 Boston

    William Adams 15

    Henry Curtis 27 Watertown

    John Wylie 25 Reading

    John Thompson 22

    Edmond Weston 30 Duxbury

    Gamaliel Beamont 12 Dorchester

    Thomas Whitten 36 of Benenden, county Kent Plymouth

    Mrs. Audrey Whitten 45

    Jeremy Whitten 8

    Nicholas Morecock 14

    Bennet Morecock 16

    Mary Morecock 10

    George Orris 21 Boston

    Elizabeth Fabin 16 (see Faber, above)

    Robert Jeffries 30 Charlestown

    Mary Jeffries 27

    Thomas Jeffries 7

    Elizabeth Jeffries 6

    Mary Jeffries 3

    Hannah Day 20

    Susan Brown 21

    Robert Carr 21 tailor

    Caleb Carr 11

  2. 2.0 2.1 Mentioned in will of brother Caleb Carr, 8 Mar 1694.