Person:Richard Seymour (1)

Captain Richard Seymour
d.bef 29 Nov 1710
m. 18 Apr 1631
  1. Thomas Seymour1632 - bet 1712
  2. Mary Seymour1634/35 - 1635
  3. Mercy Seymour1636 -
  4. John Seymourest 1640 - bet 1712
  5. Zachariah Seymour1642 - 1702
  6. Captain Richard Seymourest 1649 - bef 1710
  • HCaptain Richard Seymourest 1649 - bef 1710
  • WHannah Woodruff1648 - 1712
m. 1674
  1. Samuel Seymourest 1681 - bef 1749
  2. Ebenezer Seymour1684/85 - bef 1733
Facts and Events
Name[1] Captain Richard Seymour
Gender Male
Birth[1] est 1649 Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut, United StatesBased on estimated date of marriage.
Marriage 1674 Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut, United Statesto Hannah Woodruff
Death[1] bef 29 Nov 1710 Before date of inventory.
Estate Inventory[1] 29 Nov 1710
Residence[1] Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut, United States
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    Capt. Richard2 Seymour (Richard2), of Farmington, Conn., born at Hartford, Conn., died at Farmington prior to 29 Nov. 1710, being killed by the fall of a tree, and was buried on a portion of his own land which was afterwards used as a burial place. He married Hannah2 Woodruff, born about 1648, died at Farmington 16 Sept. 1712, daughter of Matthew1 and Hannah of Farmington. He was a freeman at Farmington in 1669 and one of the eighty-four proprietors of that town in 1672. His wife appears in a list of church members at Farmington, dated 1 Mar. 1679/80, and Richard became a member of the same church on 31 May 1685. He settled in that part of Farmington called Kensington (now the town of Berlin), and became a leader in the settlement. There the Seymour fort was built, within which were the cabins where the inhabitants sought refuge at night during the Indian alarms, Richard Seymour being the captain of the garrison. The well in front of the fort still remains.

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    "RICHARD, s. of the preced. was of Farmington in the list of freem. 1669, by w. Hannah, d. of Anthony Howkins, had Samuel; Ebenezer; Jonathan, bapt. 17 Apr. 1687; and ds. Hannah; and Mercy, bapt. 14 Jan. 1683."