Person:Reuben Spriggs (1)

m. 19 Aug 1898
  1. Reuben Spencer SPRIGGS1898 - 1998
  2. Florence Lillian Spriggs1900 - 1988
  3. Leonard Spriggs1906 - 1989
m. 08 Nov 1926
Facts and Events
Name Reuben Spencer SPRIGGS
Gender Male
Birth? 06 Nov 1898 Maddock, Benson, North Dakota, United States
Marriage 08 Nov 1926 Minneapolis, Hennepin, Minnesota, United Statesto Nora Alvina Satter
Death? 21 May 1998 Riverside, Riverside, California, United States
Burial? Jun 1998 Iroquois, Beadle, South Dakota, United States
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Reuben went by Spencer as long as I knew him. He was a farmer near Iroquois, South Dakota. I remember him letting me ride with him on his tractor when I was young. I also remember shooting bottle rockets off of his front porch. He had a small sitting room off of the living room where I slept, which was full of old issues of the Wall Street Journal. (Funny that a farmer would read the Wall Street Journal, but he certainly did.) I once found the floor of one of the rooms upstairs covered by a layer of dead bees. He said these were the drones. There must have been a huge beehive in his attic or between the walls. He told me that he drilled a hole in his ceiling to get honey, but I don't think that's true.

!church record for birth- - Viking Lutheran Parish in Maddock,ND

married Nora Alvina Satter 8 Nov 1926