Person:Philip Smith (3)

m. abt 1657
  1. Baby Smith (1)
  2. Samuel Smith1658/59 - 1707
  3. Deacon John Smith1661 - 1727
  4. Jonathan Smith1663 - 1737
  5. Philip Smith1665 - 1725
  6. Rebecca Smith1669 - 1750
  7. Nathaniel Smith1671 - 1740
  8. Joseph Smith1674 - 1736
  9. Ichabod Smith1675 - 1746
  • HPhilip Smith1665 - 1725
  • WMary Bliss1670 - 1707
m. 9 Jul 1687
  1. Philip Smith1689 - 1712
  2. David Smith1691 -
  3. Martha Smith1694 - 1750
  4. Aaron Smith1696 -
  5. Mary Smith1699 -
  6. Samuel Smith1701 - 1777
  7. Rebecca Smith1705 - 1788
  8. Ebenezer Smith1706 -
  • HPhilip Smith1665 - 1725
  • W.  Mary Robinson (add)
m. 2 Sep 1708
Facts and Events
Name[1] Philip Smith
Gender Male
Birth? 1665 Hadley, Hampshire, Massachusetts, United States
Marriage 9 Jul 1687 to Mary Bliss
Marriage 2 Sep 1708 to Mary Robinson (add)
Death? 25 Jan 1725 Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut, United States
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  2. Manwaring, Charles W. A Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records.

    Page 245 Name: Philip Smith Location: Hartford
    Invt. £770-16-02. Taken by Timothy Cowles, John Meakins and Daniel Dickeson (Diggeson).
    Court Record, Page 67--2 February, 1724-5: Adms. to David and Samuel Smith, sons of sd. decd.
    Page 72--2 March, 1724-5: This Court do appoint Samuel Smith, of Hartford, guardian to his brother Ebenezer Smith, age 19 years. Recog., £100. This Court appoint Mary Smith to be guardian to her children, Nehemiah 16, and Hannah 14 years of age. Recog., £200.
    Page 73: This Court order that one-third part of the housing and lands and £20 in value of the moveable estate shall be set out to Mary Smith, widow and relict of said deceased, for her support and subsistence. And the widow shall have delivered to her £4 of the money due from the Town of Hartford to her late husband for procureing clothing for herself. The said £4 not to be accounted as part of her thirds of said estate.
    Page 231 (Probate Side, Vol. XII): Whereas. Samuel Smith, son of Philip Smith, was granted by this Court, 15 July, 1725, the sum of £20 out of his father's estate for service since he was 21 years of age: Now, upon consideration that the above sd. Samuel Smith will release and give up his right to the sd. £20 so granted him unto us, we do hereby give up all the right and title we or our heirs, etc., have, or in time to come should have, unto a certain new house erected by the sd. Samuel Smith on his sd. father's land, which house was apprised at £32. In witness whereof we have hereunto set our hands and seals this 4 January, 1725-6.
    Samuel Smith, ls. Widow Mary Smith, ls. David Smith, ls. John Benjamin, ls. Rebeckah X Smith, ls. Thomas Wiard, ls.
    Court Record, Page 112 (Vol. X) 4 January, 1725-6: An allowance to Samuel Smith of £20 for his labour, to have it in a certain house, an agreement signed by the widow and heirs, exhibited and accepted.
    Page 118-119--1st March, 1725-6: David Smith and Samuel Smith, Adms. on the estate of Philip Smith, late decd., exhibit an account: Paid in debts and charges (more than what has been received) £76-10-08; inventory with additions, £770-16-08; out of which deducting the sum of £31 for a horse in the invt. (agreed by the heirs of sd. decd. for Samuel Smith, one of the sons) and also the sum of £76-10-08, there will then remain of real and moveable estate £663-06-00 to be distributed. Order: To Mary Smith, widow, £30-18-04 with dower; to David Smith, eldest son, £115-04-09, he having formerly received £20 not inventoried, which is his double portion of sd. estate; to Martha Wyard, £59-08-05, she having received £8-04; to Mary Benjamin, £51-19-05, she having received £15-13-00: to Aaron (David) Smith, Samuel. Ebenezer, Nehemiah, Rebeckah and Hannah Smith, the rest of the children of sd. decd., to each of them, £67-12-05. And appoint Timothy Cowles, John Meakins and Joseph Pitkin, distributors.
    Dist. File: 25 January, 1725-6: To the Widow Mary Smith, to David, to Ebenezer, to Nehemiah Smith, to Martha Wyard, to Mary Benjamin (wife of John Benjamin), to Rebeckah and Hannah Smith. By Timothy, Cowles and John Meakins.