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Peter C Broyles
d.11 OCT 1823 Monroe, VA
m. 1727
  1. Adam BroylesAbt 1728 - 1782
  2. Jacob Broiles Broyles1728 - 1798
  3. Cyrus Broyles1732 - 1826
  4. Catherine Broyles1734 - 1831
  5. Peter C Broyles1737 - 1823
  6. Michael Broyles1739 - 1837
  7. Matthias Broylesabt 1740 - 1818
  8. Nicholas Broyles1740 - 1814
  9. Mary Elizabeth Broyles1740 - 1815
  10. Elizabeth Broyles1741 - 1783
  11. John Broyles1742 - 1785
  12. Zacharias BroylesABT 1744 - 1802
  13. Martha Broyles1746 - 1818
  14. Mary Broyles1748 - 1761
m. ABT 1765
  1. Son BroylesBET 1765 AND 1768 - BET 1765 AND 1768
  2. Zacharias Broyles1768 -
  3. Margaretha Broyles1769 -
  4. Jacob Broyles1771 -
  5. Solomon Broyles1772 -
  6. Johann Broyles1773 -
  7. Aron Broyles1775 -
  8. Maria BroylesABT 1778 -
  9. Betsy BroylesBET 1779 AND 1789 -
  10. Absalom BroylesBET 1779 AND 1789 -
  11. Ephraim BroylesBET 1779 AND 1789 -
  12. Daniel Broyles1790 -
Facts and Events
Name[1] Peter C Broyles
Alt Name Peter Broyles
Gender Male
Birth[2] 1737 Orange County, Virginia
Marriage ABT 1765 to Elisabetha Finks
Death? 11 OCT 1823 Monroe, VA

From Find A Grave Memorial:

Birth: 1737 Orange County Virginia, USA Death: 1824 Monroe County West Virginia, USA

Son of Maria Catharina Fleishman and Hans Jacob Broyles; married to Elizabeth Blankenbaker

From "Thomas Wieland (Wayland) and related lines" : (

Peter BROYLES [Parents] was born about 1735 in VA. He married Elizabeth.

The four hundred and forty-ninth note in a series on the Germanna Colonies

One of the statements that I have read more than once is that Peter Broyles married Elizabeth Blankenbaker. This is an error. Peter was the son of Jacob Broyles and Mary Catherine Fleshman. The Elizabeth that he married was the daughter of the wife of Zacharias Blankenbaker. The name of Elizabeth's mother and Zach's wife was Alcy and beyond that we know hardly anything about her.

Zacharias Blankenbaker married a widow with two daughters. The widow's maiden name and even her given name are unknowns. She was called Alcy which is usually taken as a nickname for Elizabeth. Her daughters by her first marriage were Elizabeth and Mary Magdalena. Elizabeth married Peter Broyles and Mary Magdalena married Henry Wayman.

One of the children of which Zacharias was the father was John. If you study the baptisms in which this John Blankenbaker was involved, it is possible to discern that Henry Wayman was married twice. The reasoning is very complex but the conclusion is inescapable. After I had reached this conclusion, some information from the book, "Some Martin, Jefferies, and Wayman Families and Connections of Virginia, Maryland, Kentucky, and Indiana," came to my attention. It stated that Henry Wayman had two wives (confirming my conclusions based on the baptisms) and it gave the surname of one of his wives as Finks.

Tentatively I have taken the name of Henry Wayman's first wife as Mary Magdalena Finks (his second wife was a Blankenbaker). Thus Alcy had been married to a Finks before she married Zacharias Blankenbaker. Since the first child of Zacharias and Alcy was born in 1750, Alcy had been married in the 1740's with two daughters. Then her husband died. Who is the Finks that could be her husband? In the 1739 tithe list for Orange County, Virginia, Mark Finks has two tithes in his household. This could be himself and a younger brother (he would not have had any sons old enough to be tithes by 1739).

When the Register of Baptisms at the Hebron Church was rewritten in 1775, the family of Zacharias was put on one of the last pages, not on one of the first pages which generally start with the births of the early 1750's. This was a puzzle to me for a long time as Zacharias' first child was born in 1750. As I studied the Register, I realized that no family was included except those whose first child was born in 1750 or after 1750. Zacharias presented a challenge. He had married a widow with children born before 1750. At first, the family of Zacharias was not given a page in the Register because of this. But these were not Zacharias' children. Upon reflecting and probably debating the issue, it was decided to include a page for Zacharias' natural children, but not his stepchildren.

John Blankenbaker, PO Box 120, Chadds Ford, PA 19317 Beyond Germanna, A Newsletter/Journal of Germanna Information

Elizabeth was born about 1735. She married Peter BROYLES.

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