Person:Olga Becker (2)

Olga A Becker
m. 13 MAR 1895
  1. Olga A Becker1895 - 1981
  2. Alma C Becker1897 - 1967
  3. Adele Annamarie Becker1900 - 1960
  4. Charlotte Sophia Becker1906 - 1980
  5. Harold Becker1907 - 1910
m. 11 NOV 1916
Facts and Events
Name[1] Olga A Becker
Gender Female
Birth[1] 24 OCT 1895 Chicago, Cook, Illinois
Census[2] 1900 Chicago, Cook, Illinois5045 Justine
Census[3] 1910 Chicago, Cook, Illinois5043 S. Justine St.
Marriage 11 NOV 1916 to William Thompson
Census[4] 1930 Chicago, Cook, Illinois
Death[1] JAN 1981 Chicago, Cook, Illinois

OLGA A BECKER was born on 24 Oct 1895 at Chicago, Cook County, Illinois. She was sometimes known as Tillie. She appeared on the census of 1900 at 5045 Justine, Chicago, Cook County, Illinois. She appeared on the census of 1910 at 5043 S. Justine St., Chicago, Cook County, Illinois. Her brother, Harold Becker died of Diptheria. He was waked in the house (as was the norm) and there was a glass cover over the casket because Diptheria was highly contagious so that was the 'rule', but their mother, Sophia, made them all kiss him goodbye and opened the glass cover for them to do so. Olga got it, too, but obviously survived. She married WILLIAM THOMPSON on 11 Nov 1916 at the age of 21. She appeared on the census of 1930 at Chicago, Cook County, Illinois. She died in Jan 1981 at Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, at age 85

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