MySource:Srblac/Harold Becker Death

MySource Harold Becker Death
Author Cheryl Ahner
Place Chicago, Cook, Illinois, United States
Year range 1910 -
Surname Becker
Publication information
Type e-mail
Cheryl Ahner. Harold Becker Death.


If I remember correctly, and I usually do, (sometimes it's a curse) Aunt Olga told me that Harold died of Diptheria. He was waked in the house (as was the norm) and there was a glass cover over the casket because Diptheria was highly contagious so that was the 'rule', but their mother, Sophia, made them all kiss him goodbye and opened the glass cover for them to do so. Olga got it, too, but obviously survived, older ya know. See what comes to mind when you really get down to it? Nice job on the site.