Person:Nancy Smith (146)

Nancy Smith
m. 15 MAR 1801
  1. Nancy Smithabt 1804 -
  1. Martin SMELSERABT 1824 -
  2. David SMELSERABT 1826 -
  3. Susan Jane SMELSER1828 -
  4. Isaiah Prigmore SMELSERABT 1833 - 1897
  5. Mary Elizabeth SMELSER1834 - 1916
  6. Rebecca Addie SMELSERABT 1836 -
  7. John Riley SMELSERABT 1839 -
  8. Benjamin Franklin SMELSER1840 - 1921
Facts and Events
Name Nancy Smith
Gender Female
Birth? abt 1804 Kentucky, United States
Death? Y
Vital Records

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She was raised by Benjamin and Mary (DOWNING) PRIGMORE
See her son Benjamin Franklin SMELSER's death certificate for her maiden name.
!CENSUS:1850 Missouri (Lafayette, Dist 46) 202A 191/691 1st October Farmer;
!CENSUS:1860 Missouri (Lafayette, Davis Twp) Page 121/128;