Person:Maximillian Jackson (1)

Lieut. Maximillian Franklin 'Frank' Jackson
d.AFT 1900 South Carolina
  1. Lieut. Maximillian Franklin 'Frank' Jackson1839 - AFT 1900
  2. Henry Andrew JacksonABT 1841 - 1864
  3. Henrietta Frances Jackson1843 - 1913
  4. Louisa Jane Blakeney JacksonABT 1845 - 1886
  5. Susannah Harriet JacksonABT 1847 - 1888
  6. Mary C. JacksonABT 1852 -
  7. William Stephen Jackson1854 - 1916
  • HLieut. Maximillian Franklin 'Frank' Jackson1839 - AFT 1900
  • WMary Susannah Burch1843 - BEF 1880
m. bef 1868
  1. Stephen M. 'Maxie' Jackson1868 - 1965
  2. Mary Elizabeth 'Bettie' Jackson1873 - 1962
  3. Sarah R. 'Annie' Jackson1874 - 1948
  4. Hugh Augustus Jackson1875 - 1954
  5. Susanna B. Jackson1876 - 1936
  • HLieut. Maximillian Franklin 'Frank' Jackson1839 - AFT 1900
  • WLou Beason1854 -
m. ABT 1890
  1. Benjamin F. Jackson1893 - 1960
  2. May Christine Jackson1895 -
  3. Pickett Jackson1900 -
Facts and Events
Name Lieut. Maximillian Franklin 'Frank' Jackson
Gender Male
Birth? Jan 1839 Chesterfield Co., South Carolina
Marriage bef 1868 to Mary Susannah Burch
Marriage ABT 1890 to Lou Beason
Death? AFT 1900 South Carolina

From Bob Mitchell: On the 1870 Chesterfield census records, he is listed as M. F., age 30 with his wife as N. S., age 25 and a male son 10 months old with the initial M. The young son is Stephen M. Jackson. The 1880 census has no wife but has several other children in addition to Stephen. Was working as overseer in 1880.

1880 Census Mount Croghan, Chesterfield, South Carolina
Frank JACKSON Self W Male W 40 SC Farmer SC SC
Stephen JACKSON Son S Male W 10 SC SC SC
Mary JACKSON Dau S Female W 7 SC SC SC
Sarah JACKSON Dau S Female W 6 SC SC SC
Susaner JACKSON Dau S Female W 3 SC SC SC
Lou BEASON Other Female W 25 SC House Keeper NC SC
Geo. GUIN Other S Male W 24 SC Laborer On Farm --- ---
Source Information:
Family History Library Film 1255225
NA Film Number T9-1225
Page Number 369A

By the 1900 Census the above Lou Beason had become Frank's second wife saying she had been married ten years.

1900 Census Mount Croghan, Chesterfield Co., South Carolina
Jackson, ??Mallen head W M  ? 1839 60 M  ? SC SC SC
Jackson, MA Loxia wife W F Aug 1854 45 M 10 4ch; 3lvg SC NC SC
Jackson, Bettie dau W F Mar 1873 27 S SC SC SC
Jackson, Sarah R. dau W F May 1874 26 S SC SC SC
Jackson, Susannah B. dau W F Dec 1876 23 S SC SC SC
Jackson, Benj. F. son W M May 1893 7 S SC SC SC
Jackson, May C. dau W F Jan 1895 5 S SC SC SC
Jackson, Pickett son W M Apr 1900 1/12 S SC SC SC
(Pickett is mis-indexed as Ocke but his name is readable as Pickett on the image. The names of the parents are not legible and are obviously mis-indexed.)

The 1900 census at for Mt. Croghan, Chesterfield Co., South Carolina is very difficult to read. Even the indexer couldn't read Max's name; he is indexed as "??Mallen". Page 17 of the Burch book says that Frank M. Jackson married Lou Beason. This census does give her birth date and the fact that she's had 4 children and only 3 are living and that she's been married 10 years. Obviously she is not the mother of the older children and is a second wife. Mary Elizabeth is named 'Bettie' in this census. All the children's birthdates agree with Frank's children so I know this is the right family even though the father and mother's names are illegible.

The Burch family book states that he fought in the Civil War and a biography of his father says Frank was a Lieutenant. M. F. Jackson was involved in a court case which went to the South Carolina Supreme Count as recounted in a book found here:

Email from Margaret R. Frasier 15 Apr 2010: "I recently researched Lt Jackson for certification for the United Daughters of the Confederacy. I have copies of his Confederate service records, as well as a photo of his grave marker. All of his service records, as well as census records, refer to him as M F Jackson, and he signed his name that way. His grave marker is inscribed M Frank Jackson. It appears that, even though he went by the name "Frank," his first name was actually Maximillian."

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