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Matthias Wilhoit
d.4 October 1797 Orange County, Virginia
  1. Anna Catherina WilhoitBEF 1707 -
  2. Tobias WilhoitBEF 1708 - 1762
  3. Hans Michael WilhoitBEF 1711 -
  4. Johan Wilhoit1713 - 1776
  5. Adam WilhoitAbt 1719 -
  6. Matthias Wilhoit1721 - 1797
  7. Eva Wilhoit1723 -
  8. Philip Wilhoit1725 -
m. abt. 1742
  1. Matthias WilhoitABT 1744 - 1832
  2. John Wilhoitabt 1745 - 1837
  3. Tobias Wilhoit1750 - 1839
  4. Jacob Wilhoit1751 - 1827
  5. Lewis Wilhoit1754 - 1783
  6. Joel Wilhoit1756 - 1827
  7. Jesse WilhoitABT 1760 -
  8. Elias Wilhoit1762 - 1856
  9. Abraham Wilhoit1764 - ABT 1820
  10. Jonathan Wilhoit1766 - 1856
  11. William Wilhoit1767 - 1860
  12. Catherine Wilhoit1768 -
  13. Gabriel WilhoitABT 1769 - 1848
  14. Nancy 'Ann' Wilhoitabt 1770 -
Facts and Events
Name Matthias Wilhoit
Alt Name Michael Matthias Wilhoite
Gender Male
Birth? 1 June 1721 Culpeper County, Virginia
Marriage abt. 1742 Orange County, Virginiato Mary Ballenger
Alt Marriage 1744 Orange, Virginia, USAto Mary Ballenger
Death? 4 October 1797 Orange County, VirginiaY

Name: Mary BALLENGER Surname: Ballenger Given Name: Mary Sex: F Birth: ABT 1725 in ,Culpeper,Va. Death: BEF 1772 _UID: 0E842F907B41D511BD9EBDC3D796173183EC Note: IMHO, there were 2 different Mary BALLENGERs, married todifferent WILHITE/WILHOIT husbands. Michael WILHITEwas the nephew of Matthias WILHOIT and although there wasonly 12 years difference in their ages, it just doesn't seem probablethat the same Mary would have married both of them.Regards,George Durman

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<< According to my notes, Edward Ballenger, Sr. had son John, daughter Margery who married Stokely Towles, a daughter Agatha who married a Kilbee, a daughter Mary who married Michael Wilhite, and other children. The relationship of Edward Ballenger to Andrew Ballenger, who was sued by Spotswood when Spotswood sued many members of the Second Colony, is unknown. Edward Ballenger, Sr. generally lived in the Mt. Pony area with Zimmerman, Kabler, Bloodworth, and other Germans. >>

I think I mentioned Edward Ballenger in a note to this list not long, and mentioned I did not think he was a one of the Germanna immigrants. I passed on two good books on the Ballenger family for those interested. With respect to the family of Edward Ballenger, here is what my Reunion Program created as a family group sheet. I hope it will transer OK, so this is a test.

Name: Edward Ballenger

Birth: abt 1715 Death: Mar 1780 Culpeper Co., VA1 Marriage: bef May 1736

Spouse: Mary

Birth: abt 1720 Death: bef Dec 1779 Culpeper Co., VA


1 M: Francis Ballenger Spouse: Sarah Conner Marriage: bef 17452

2 M: John Ballenger

3 M: Edward Ballenger Spouse: Mary

4 F: Mary Ballenger Death: bef 10 Aug 1803 Culpeper Co., VA3 Spouse: Michael Wilhoit Marriage: abt 1756 Culpeper Co., VA

5 F: Margery Ballenger Spouse: Stokely Towles

6 F: Agathy Ballenger Birth: abt 17524 Spouse: John Kilby, Jr. Marriage: bef 1770 Culpeper Co., VA5,6

7 F: Susannah Ballenger

Notes for Edward Ballenger 20 June 1733. Gov. William Gooch to Edward Ballenger, of St. Georges Parish, Spotsylvania Co., VA, for 40 shillings, 400 acres of land in St. Marks Parish in the Great Fork of the Rappahannock, bounded partly by a patent to Joseph Bloodsworth on the south side of Deep Run (Patent Book 15, pp. 58-59).

18 May 1736, Edward Ballenger and Mary his wife, deeds of lease and release: Ballenger and Bloodsworth trade property. Ballenger to Bloodsworth--the 400 acres above. Bloodworth to Ballenger, 200 acres (Orange Co., VA DB 1:249-258).

1740 Robert Hutchason buys 200 acres in St. Marks Parish in Orange County, Virginia from Joseph Bloodworth. "Land containing two hundred acres Situate lying & being in the Parish & County aforesaid ?? is the land whereon afsaid Hutchason now lives & is part of a Greater tract Granted by pattent unto Edward Ballenger for four hundred acres of twentyeth day of June MDccxxxiij [1733] & by afsd Ballenger trasferred to afsaid Joseph Bloodworth by Deed of Leas? Release bearing date t he fourth & fifth days of May MDccxxxiiij [1733]"

Property: "Beginning at three pines corner to John Sutton thence south twenty three degrees East Three hundred and Eighty poles to three pines thence North Sixty Seven degrees Est 85 poles to a Stake beginning at 3 pines north twenty three Degrees West three hundred & forty four poles to a red and white Oake Near Jacob Manspoils line thence North Eighty Six deg West to the Beginning."

S 23 E; 380 poles N 67 E; 85 poles N 23 W; 344 poles N 86 W

Source: Deed Book #4, Orange County, Virginia, pages 34-35.

  • 1749 John Stinesyffer buys the same 200 acres from Robert Hutcheson for 60

pounds Property: "Beginning at three pines corner to John Sutton thence South twenty three Degrees East Three hundred and Eighty Pole to three pines thence North Sixty seven Degrees East Eighty Five poles to a Stake Between three pines thence North Twenty three Degrees West three hundred and forty four poles to a red and white oak Near Jacob Manspoiles line thence North Eighty Six degrees West to the Beginning." Witnesses: Zach Blankenbecker, Johannes Hoffman[?], and Matthias Rouse. Source: Deed Book A, Culpeper County, Virginia, pages 147-151. Two, nearly identical "indentures" appear. The first is the lease for 5 shillings, the next day is the release or selling of the property. This is apparently common pratice in Virginia real estate transactions at that time.

  • 1757 The four sons inherit 50 acres each by their father's will

Sons: "John Stinisyfer Elder" 33 years old at the time of his father's death, "Henerecus Stinisyfer" 18 years old, "John Stinisyfer Younger" 13 years old, and "Henry Stinesyfer" 29 years old. Neighbors: Mitchell Smith, John Kains, Major William Roan, Henry Hofman, and Jacob Manspile. Witnesses: Johannes Hoffman and John Towles. Source: Will Book A, Culpeper County, pages 150-151. Robert Hutcheson, John Kains, and Michael Smith inventory the estate.

1744. Edward Ballenger and William Kelly, bond for John Axford (Orange Co. WB 2:7). Axford estate made payment to Edward Ballenger for funeral expenses.

18 OCT 1750. Edward Ballenger, John Butler and James Conner, appraiser to estate of John Blanton (Culpeper WB A:27).

Will, St. Mark's Parish, Culpeper County, dated 9 DEC 1779, proved 20 MAR 1780 (Source: Culpeper County Virginia, Will Book B:360) His will does not name a wife but does name 7 children viz: Edward, Margery wife of Stokely Towles (Jr.), Agathy Kilby (wife of John Kilby), Susannah, Francis, John and Mary. One of his daughters, Mary, married Michael Wilhoit, son of Tobias Wilhoit, and was the mother of his grandson Gabriel Wilhoit named in his will. The will was witnessed by Robert Coleman, Ann Bailley and Hutt (Hill?) Randolph. (Also See "The Second Germanna Colony of 1717", p. 13-14, The Germanna Record No. 6 June 1965 by the Memorial Foundation of the Germanna Colonies in Virginia, Culpeper, VA).

Notes for Mary She relinquished her dower to 400 acres in Orange County sold to Joseph Bloodworth 4 MAY 1736, on 18 MAY 1736 (Orange Co. DB 1, p. 249). She is not mentioned in Edward Ballenger's will of December 1779, indicating she had died.

Notes for Francis (Child 1) 13 JAN 1756. Francis and Sarah Ballenger, witness will of Elias Powell with William Collins (WB A:162) .

20 OCT 1757. Appraisal of estate of Elias Powell returned, by Frederick Zimmerman, Charles Morgan and Francis Ballenger. (WB A:170)

Notes for John (Child 2) Probably the John Ballenger, Sr. who purchased 90 acres from Catlett Tiffee on 20 OCT 1783, adj. Frederick Zimmerman. (Culpeper DB M:33).

Notes for Edward (Child 3) Oct 1780, paid for 3 1/2 gallons 1/6 brandy for Rev. Army and paid in May 1781 for 75 pounds of stalled beef, and for 250 pounds of beef in Oct. 1781. (VA Rev. Publick Claims, Vol. I, citing Culpeper Booklet I 19 AUG 1782)

1783, 1784, 1786, Edward on Culpeper County peronsal property tax list. In 1782, on property tax list for 200 acres. Not on any other real property tax lists following until 1801, and then no further record in Culpeper.

26 AUG 1786, Edward Ballinger and wife Mary sell 226 acres to French Strother, both of Culpeper (DB N:424, Culpeper Co.). Bounded by Christopher Zimmerman, John Bartlett, Col. Duncanson formerly Col. Carters, French Strother. Most likely this is the 200 acres inherited from his father, which would be in Madison Co., by 1793. Witnessed by Jona: Clark, H. Hill, H. Towles, H. Edwards. Rec. 16 OCT 1786 and acknowledged. Sale price L339.

22 May 1790. Mary Ballenger, wife of Edward, relinquishes dower in 1786 sale to French Strother by privy examination at her home (place not stated). (Culpeper DB R:257).

23 SEP 1795, Edward Ballenger witness to deed of land from John & Susannah Mitchel to their son, John Mitchell (Culpeper DB S:300).

Notes for Mary (Child 4) See Germanna Record #13, pp. 47-55.

Notes for Margery (Child 5) Names as daughter Margery Towles in will of Edward Ballenger, which also names son-in-law Stokely Towles.

Sources 1. Will of Edward Ballenger, WB B:360, Culpeper Co., VA. 2. Will of Margaret Conner, WB A:43, Culpeper Co., VA, Will dated 4 MAR 1745 names dau. Sarah Ballenger. 3. Will of Michael Wilhoit, Will Book E, p. 50, Culpeper Co., VA, Wife not named in will of this date. 4. Etimated age of 18 at time of marriage 5. Will of John Kilby, WB B:57-59, Culpeper Co., VA, Implies son John m. before date of will. 6. Will of Edward Ballenger, WB B:360, Culpeper Co., VA, Names daughter Agathy Kilbee.

Joyce: while this query was not directed to me, maybe I can help.--Craig

on 05/13/03 1:07 PM, Joyce Libes at wrote:

> Michael Wilhoit (s/o > Tobias) must be the one who belongs in militia class # 54. There is a > Michael Wilhoit listed in 1787 tax list "A" and also the only other Wilhoits > with him in list "A" are Gabriel, James and Michael (grandsons of Tobias & > sons of Michael) and a Joel Wilhoite who was married to this Michael's > daughter, Nancy.

Further, Michael's wife was Mary BALLENGER (not "Shirley" as reported in Germanna Record No. 13--This is proved by the 1780 will of Edward Ballenger naming daughter Mary Wilhoit and grandson Gabriel Wilhoit). Mary's sister Agatha Ballenger was the wife of John Kilby, Jr., who is also in Class #54. So, Michael Wilhoit son of Tobias is very likely the man in Class #54. > > Is there a way to find out a general location where Michael (s/o Tobias) > lived? I believe I've located the place Michael (s/o Adam) lived.

I think we can, Joyce. Tobias Wilhoit bought 400 acres of land from George & Susannah Martin in 1760 (Culpeper DB C:209). This was land adjacent to John Towles and John Kilby's 1747 patents near Stonehouse Run, and also near to, if not adjacent to, Edward Ballenger, on the borders of modern day Culpeper & Madison near Slate Mills. In his 1761 will, Tobias Wilhoit left this land to his two sons Conrad & Michael, to be divided into 200 acres each. Did Michael Wilhoit ever live on this land? Possibly, considering the identity of his wife Mary Ballenger. Note there is a very short span of time between Tobias' purchase of this land and his will. (Deed dated 2 May 1760, will dated 1 Sept. 1761). His will seems clear enough that the land purchased of George Martin was not his home plantation, which was left to his wife during her life and to go to his sons Jesse and William.

It was 400 acres of land originally patented by George Martin of King & Queen County in 1733, and sold to Tobias Wilhoit in 1760 (Culpeper DB C:290). As Tobias' will directed, Michael recieved 200 acres of this land. 100 acres of it was sold to "Felta Bunger" on 21 Aug 1775 (DB H:111), and the remaining 100 acres was sold to to Benjamin Hawkins on 16 DEC 1776 (DB H, p. 358). In this deed, it is clear we are talking about part of this same tract, as one neighbor is "Kilby" . (Inasmuch as the identity of Benjamin Hawkins' wife, Judith, is unknown, this might bear further investigation).

So what happened to Michael and where did he move? Unfortunately, we have no answer until 21 August 1780, but at least we can be fairly specific about the location, and I think you'll be a bit surprised to find where it was, since we have worked with this particular tract of ground many times in the past, Joyce. The answer lies in #2, #3

1. 21 AUG 1780. Moses & Mary Spicer of Culpeper, Brumfield Parish, to Michael Wilhoit of same, for £54, 135 acres on Thornton Road, Stoney Run. See below. (DB K:227).

2. 31 MAR 1783. Joseph Jones of King George County to Michael Wilhoit of Culpeper, part of a tract of land called Kincades, 400 acres, for £150. (DB M:276)

I think you have this deed from Orange County (in fact I think you gave it to me): 4 April 1743, Orange Co. DB 7 pp. 249-251; James Maxwell and Rachel Maxwell his wife, of Westmoreland Co., Washington Parish, Virginia, "Tailor", to James Jones, builder, of Hanover Parish, King George Co., VA for £85, 1000 acres in the great fork of the Rappahannock River under the Ragged Mountain in St. George Parish, Spotsylvania Co. corner to William Duff, John England, north fork of Beaver Dam Run, corner to Thomas Stonehouse on the side of Stonehouse Mountain, south side of North River. This was a NN grant to Rachel Evins ("nearest relation and heir to Thomas Stonehouse") in 1728.

3. 4 OCT 1786, Joseph Jones of King George County to Michael Wilhoit of Culpeper, part of a certain land called "Kinedeas" (Kincade's, etc), containing 400 acres more or less. This brings his Kincade holding to 800 acres, plus the apparently adjacent Spicer deed of 135 acres, for a total of 935 acres.

4. 17 JUL 1789. Michael & Mary Wilhoit to Zacherias WALL, for £50, 73 acres adj. Joel Wilhoit dividing line, Kingcade's old line. (DB P:103).

5. 14 DEC 1789. Michael & Mary Wilhoit to William Crusoe, for £58, 100 acres of land "being the plantation whereon said Michael Willhoit at present resides" and "being part of a tract of 400 acres sold by David Kinkade to James Jones of County of King George the 22 day of March 1743". This is NOT the same land inherited from Tobias Wilhoit. (DB P:274). This description also includes "boundary line between Michael Wilhoit and his son, Gabriel Wilhoit." However, by this date Michael Wilhoit is clearly living on this tract. If memory serves me correctly, Joyce, the land in question that reverted to Joseph Jones of King George, via his (brother?) James Jones, was the 1000 acres first granted to Thomas Stonehouse in 1724.


The following deeds to his children are from Culpeper DB S:364-371, and all pertain to this Kinkade tract.

6. 29 AUG 1795. 72 acres to John Spicer (probably husband of his daughter Elizabeth Wilhoit, named as Elizabeth Spicer in his will), for £50, on "Stoney Run". The description of this property is NOT part of the remaining 100 acres above. (See below, deed to Joel Wilhoit). (Culpeper DB S:364)

7. 29 AUG 1795. 130 acres to Joel Wilhoit on Stoney Run, for £45, on Stony Run "part of a tract first taken up by David Kincade and since the property of Mr. Joseph Jones". Again, clearly not the leftover 100 acres.

8. 14 SEP 1795, Michael & Mary Wilhoit to James Wilhoit, 63 acres for £40, adjacent to the two tracts above. The witnesses to this deed are John Popham, Gabriel Wilhoite and Robert Jones. Popham and Jones are neighbors in the area of the 100 acres in question.

9. 14 SEP 1795, Michael & Mary Wilhoit to Gabriel Wilhoit, 94 acres for £60, land adacent to the 3 above. Same witnesses except Michael Wilhoit, Jr. in place of Gabriel Wilhoit.

This only accounts for 532 acres of a total of 935. There may be more deeds following these. Michael Wilhoit's will does not mention any land, just that he has already provided for his other children and therefore leaves his shot gun and coopering tools to his sone Martin, and the rest of his estate "of every demention" to his daughter Mary Wilhoit.This from Craig Kilby at Change Date: 23 Jun 2006 at 16:30:25

Ancestry Hints for Mary BALLENGER

2 possible matches found on

Father: Edward BALLENGER Sr. b: ABT 1700

Marriage 1 Michael Mathias WILHOIT b: 1 Jun 1721 in Spotsylvania, Va. Married: ABT 1744 in ,Orange,Va. Children Matthias WILHOIT b: ABT 1745 in ,Orange,Va. Joel WILHOIT b: ABT 1746 in ,Orange,Va. John WILHOIT b: 1747 in ,Culpeper,Va. Tobias Michael WILHOIT b: 15 Oct 1750 in ,Culpeper,Va. Jacob WILHOIT b: 22 Dec 1751 in ,Culpeper,Va. Lewis WILHOIT b: 1754 in ,Culpeper,Va. Gabriel WILHOIT b: ABT 1757 in ,Culpeper,Va. Jesse WILHOIT b: 1760 in ,Culpeper,Va. Elizabeth WILHOIT b: ABT 1761 in ,Culpeper,Va. Elias WILHOIT b: 1762 in ,Culpeper,Va. Absolom WILHOIT b: 1764 in ,Culpeper,Va. Jonathan WILHOIT b: 1766 in ,Culpeper,Va. William WILHOIT b: 1767 in ,Culpeper,Va. Catherine WILHOIT b: 1768 in ,Culpeper,Va 4. Michael Mathias WILHOIT was born 1 Jun 1721 in Spotsylvania, Va., and died 4 Oct 1797 in , Orange, Va.. He was the son of 8. John Michael WILHOIT and 9. Anna Maria HENGSTELER. 5. Mary BALLENGER was born ABT 1725 in ,Culpeper,Va., and died BEF 1772. She was the daughter of 10. Edward BALLENGER Sr..

Children of Mary BALLENGER and Michael Mathias WILHOIT are: i. Matthias WILHOIT was born ABT 1745 in ,Orange,Va.. ii. Joel WILHOIT was born ABT 1746 in ,Orange,Va., and died ABT 1827 in , Culpeper, Va.. He married Mary WILHOIT ABT 1791 in ,Culpeper,Va., daughter of Johann Michael WILHOIT and Mary SHERLEY. She was born ABT 1758 in ,Culpeper,Va.. 2. iii. John WILHOIT was born 1747 in ,Culpeper,Va., and died 17 Feb 1837 in ,Owen,Ky.. He married Lucy STAPP ABT 1768 in ,Orange,Va., daughter of Joshua STAPP and Hannah DURHAM. She was born ABT 1747 in ,,Va., and died 28 Mar 1828 in ,Owen,Ky.. iv. Tobias Michael WILHOIT was born 15 Oct 1750 in ,Culpeper,Va., and died 7 Feb 1839 in Pleasant Hill, Mercer, Ky.. He married Mary Polly SHERLEY 1771 in , Henrico, Va., daughter of James SHERLEY and Judith GARRIOTT. She was born 1 Apr 1755 in , Culpeper, Va., and died 21 Jan 1844 in , Mercer, Ky.. v. Jacob WILHOIT was born 22 Dec 1751 in ,Culpeper,Va.. vi. Lewis WILHOIT was born 1754 in ,Culpeper,Va.. vii. Gabriel WILHOIT was born ABT 1757 in ,Culpeper,Va.. He married Nancy SIMS, daughter of James SIMS and Elizabeth NALLE. She was born ABT 1760 in ,Culpeper,Va.. viii. Jesse WILHOIT was born 1760 in ,Culpeper,Va.. ix. Elizabeth WILHOIT was born ABT 1761 in ,Culpeper,Va.. x. Elias WILHOIT was born 1762 in ,Culpeper,Va.. He married Sarah Rebecca HUFFMAN. She was born ABT 1764. xi. Absolom WILHOIT was born 1764 in ,Culpeper,Va.. xii. Jonathan WILHOIT was born 1766 in ,Culpeper,Va.. xiii. William WILHOIT was born 1767 in ,Culpeper,Va.. xiv. Catherine WILHOIT was born 1768 in ,Culpeper,Va.. She married Michael COOK. He was born ABT 1768.

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