Person:Mary Brown (545)

Mary Elizabeth Brown
b.27 NOV 1849 Ohio, United States
m. 1841
  1. Hattie Brown1845 - 1845
  2. Mary Elizabeth Brown1849 - 1917
  3. Lucy Brown1853 - 1854
m. 16 SEP 1866
  1. Minnie May Mallory1867 - 1945
  2. Cora Mallory1869 - 1942
m. 28 MAR 1881
Facts and Events
Name Mary Elizabeth Brown
Married Name Mallory
Married Name Atkins
Gender Female
Birth[1][2][3][4][5][6][7] 27 NOV 1849 Ohio, United States
Marriage 16 SEP 1866 Richmond, Macomb, Michigan, -USAto Diogenes Mallory
Divorce 24 DEC 1880 St. Clair County, Michigan, -USAfrom Diogenes Mallory
Marriage 28 MAR 1881 to Frank Atkins
Death[2][4][8] 5 JUL 1917 Kimball, St. Clair, Michigan, United States
Burial[4] Kimball, St. Clair, Michigan, United StatesMallory Cemetery
Vital Records

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    b. abt 1848
    bp. Ohio

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