Person:Mary Ambrose (6)

Mary Elizabeth Ambrose
m. 17 Nov 1859
  1. Mary Elizabeth Ambrose1864 - 1946
m. 21 DEC 1880
  1. Joseph Franklin Atkinson1882 - 1920
  2. Louis A. Atkinson1885 - 1942
  3. Mary 'Mae' Atkinson1886 -
  4. Grace Lillian AtkinsonEst 1887-1890 -
m. ABT 1886
  1. Fern Veregge1886 -
  2. Charles Albert Veregge1890 - 1961
  3. Harry Cornelius Veregge1893 - 1971
  4. Bertram Veregge1896 - 1974
  5. Roy Scott Veregge1899 - 1981
  6. Nell Margaret Veregge1901 - 1985
  7. Eddie Vereggeest 1902-1905 - bef 2000
Facts and Events
Name Mary Elizabeth Ambrose
Gender Female
Birth? 7 NOV 1864 Matoon, Coles County, Illinois
Marriage 21 DEC 1880 Indianapolis, Indianato James Atkinson, Jr.
Marriage ABT 1886 prob. Indianato Albert James Veregge
Death? 10 OCT 1946 Concord, Contra Costa County, California
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Biography of Mary Elizabeth Ambrose

Mary Elizabeth Ambrose was born on 7 November, 1864 in Paradise Township, Mattoon, Coles County, Illinois, the daughter of Cornelius Ambrose and Anna Margaret Cheek. Mary Elizabeth was married twice, first to James Atkinson on 21 December, 1880 in Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana. After the death of James Atkinson, about 1886, she married second, Albert James Veregge on 23 September, 1889, in Marion County, Indiana.

The children that resulted for both marriages are as follows:

Children of Mary Elizabeth AMBROSE and James ATKINSON are: 3 i. Grace Lillian ATKINSON was born AUG 1881 in Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana. She married Frank INGRAM 1899 in Marion County, Indiana. He was born SEP 1875 in Indiana.

  • 4 ii. Joseph Franklin ATKINSON was born FEB 1882 in Ohio, and died 28 JUL 1920 in Visalia, Tulare County, California.
  • 5 iii. Louis A. ATKINSON was born 25 FEB 1884 in Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana, and died 17 JUN 1942 in Peoria, Illinois.
  • 6 iv. Mary ATKINSON was born DEC 1886 in Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana.

Children of Mary Elizabeth AMBROSE and Albert James VEREGGE are: 7 i. Charles Albert VEREGGE was born 5 APR 1890 in Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana.

  • 8 ii. Edward VEREGGE was born DEC 1891 in Marion County, Indiana.
  • 9 iii. Fern F. VEREGGE was born JUL 1893 in Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana.
  • 10 iv. Harry Cornelius VEREGGE was born 28 OCT 1894 in Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana, and died 7 JAN 1971 in Pittsburg, Contra Costa County, California.
  • 11 v. Bertram VEREGGE was born 14 NOV 1897 in Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana, and died 14 DEC 1974 in Honolulu, Hawaii.
  • 12 vi. Roy Scott VEREGGE was born 3 OCT 1899 in Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana, and died 10 JAN 1981 in Santa Rosa, California.
  • 13 vii. Nellie Margaret VEREGGE was born 25 AUG 1901 in Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana, and died 6 MAR 1985 in Stockton, San Joaquin County, California.

Sometime shortly after the turn of the century, Mary and her husband, Albert James Veregge moved to Antioch, California, where her husband died, who pre-deceased her on 25 Sept. 1935. Mary Elizabeth (Ambrose) passed away on 10 October, 1946, three weeks before her 82nd birthday.