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Margery Grosvenor
m. 1500
  1. Thomas Grosvenorest 1502 -
  2. Geoffrey Grosvenorest 1504 -
  3. Katherine Grosvenorest 1507 -
  4. Robert Grosvenorest 1510 -
  5. Margery Grosvenorest 1512 -
  6. Randall Grosvenorest 1515 -
  7. Elizabeth Grosvenorest 1517 -
  8. Henry Grosvenorest 1520 -
Facts and Events
Name Margery Grosvenor
Gender Female
Birth[2] est 1512 Shropshire, England
  1.   Jacobus, Donald Lines. The Bulkeley genealogy: Rev. Peter Bulkeley--being an account of his career, his ancestry, the ancestry of his two wives, and his relatives in England and New England, together with a genealogy of his descendants through the seventh American generation. (New Haven, Conn., 1933), page 11.

    She is listed in her father's 1558 will as one of his executors, along with her mother and two youngest brothers. It appears that she was unmarried, and likely one of the youngest of the family.

  2. Birth year estimated based on estimated birth years of siblings, and approximate order in family.