Person:Margaret Anderson (84)

Margaret 'Peggy' Anderson
b.ABT 1735 Ireland
m. ABT 1733
  1. Margaret 'Peggy' AndersonABT 1735 - 1810
  2. Mary AndersonBEF 1736 -
  3. Esther Anderson1736-1739 - BEF 1779
  4. John AndersonABT 1740 -
  5. Gen. Robert Anderson1741 - 1812
  6. William AndersonABT 1742 - 1817
  7. Jane AndersonABT 1744 - 1811
  8. Rebecca AndersonABT 1746 -
  9. James Anderson1746 - 1813
  10. Col. Andrew Anderson1748 - BET 1821 AND 1823
  11. Daughter AndersonABT 1750 -
m. est. 1755
  1. Jean AllenABT 1755 -
  2. Ann Allen1759 -
  3. Elizabeth Allen1761 - 1831
  4. Mary Allen1763-1775 -
  5. William Allen1765-1780 -
  6. Rebecca Allen1769 - 1851
  7. James Allen1771 -
  8. Nancy AllenBEF 1774 -
  9. Sarah 'Sallie' Allen1779 - 1804
Facts and Events
Name Margaret 'Peggy' Anderson
Gender Female
Birth[1] ABT 1735 Ireland
Alt Birth[2] WFT Est 1736-1739
Marriage est. 1755 to Capt. James Allen
Death? 1810
Vital Records

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10             iii.    Margaret Anderson1, born 1738 in Ireland.  She married Capt. James Allen Bef. 1756; born 1716; died 1810.

Notes for Margaret Anderson:

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! Birth: (1) Abt. 1735. (2) Came from Ulster, Ireland, with her pare nts bef. 1736. (1,2,5) d/o John Anderson/Jean (Jane). (5) Believed t o have been the eldest child. Born prior to 1740, between 1735/1740 , because no records of her baptism occurs in the register of Rev. Jo hn Craig, and her fist child was born 1756.

 Marriage to James Allen: (1) John Allen, before 1756. (3,5) Capt. J ames Allen. (4) James Allen was son-in-law of John Anderson, 1769.

Notes for Capt. James Allen:

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! Birth: (1) Age 94 at death in 1810 (b. 1716). s/o William Allen.

 Death: (1) 1810.

 (1) His father William Allen was among the earliest settlers in Aug usta Co., VA.
 (1) c.1746: James Allen is known to have been an elder of Augusta S tone Church as early as 1746. At his death in 1810, he had been an el der 64 years.
 (1) 1756: Captain of militia, Augusta Co., VA.
 (1) Participated in the Battle of Point Pleasant.
 (1) 1772: Joan Poage conveyed 27 acres of land upon which the old S tone Church stands to the Rev. John Craig and the session of the chur ch.  Capt. James James Allen was named as a member of the session.
 (2) 1773, May: John Anderson vs. S. Mathews, Mathew and James Lockh art, Augusta Co., VA court. Chancery writ dated 29 Jun 1769. James Al len was son-in-law of John Anderson. James Allen's deposition taken i n Botetourt, 1771. Hugh Allen was James' brother.
 (2a) 1790, 19 Oct: Andrew and Martha Anderson and James and Margare t Allen deed to John Griner, Augusta Co., VA, part of a tract patente d to John Anderson, dec'd, and by him conveyed in his lifetime to And rew and James.
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