Person:Lucinda Adams (12)

Lucinda G Adams
b.CA 1814 Georgia
Facts and Events
Name Lucinda G Adams
Gender Female
Birth[1] CA 1814 Georgia
Marriage 1 JAN 1829 Newton County, Georgiato Nicholas MCBURNETT
Death? Y
Vital Records

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I have information on this family that you will want.The father of Lucinda is Gillis Ivey Adams, Sr. born about 1790. In 1810 he married Elizabeth Moore in Jasper/ Randolph County, Georgia. Because of the Georgia Land Lotteries, Gillis could be traced. When Lucinda was born they lived in Newton County, Georgia. Formerly, the land was all in Walton County. When the new county of Newton was formed only the tail end of his property remained in Walton. They resided on Big Haynes Creek. Lucinda married at age 16 in Newton County. Everyone moved to Carroll County, Georgia in the 1830's. Gillis and his brother Sterling are listed in land deeds there. I have all of the original records-marriages, land deeds, etc. I know some present day relatives. One of them in Carroll County, Georgia is descended from Lucinda. Look in the Carroll County Heritage Book for McDermott's. I know all of the names of Gillis' children. [ By enumeration census, I found Gillis to have 8 boys and 3 girls. I removed the names of another Adams group in Temple getting married around 1830, and was left with the names of Gillis 8 boys. I knew about Lucinda and found the possible girls names, of which I am sure of Lucinda. Please contact me by my email address as I am not very good with computers. Hope this reaches you.

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