Person:Julia Kelly (7)

Julia Mary Kelly
m. 21 Sep 1870
  1. John Kelly1871 -
  2. Julia Mary Kelly1875 -
  3. Margaret Kellyabt 1878 -
  4. Maria Theresa Kelly1882 -
  5. Theresa Kellyabt 1884 -
  6. Lydia Kelly1888 -
  • H.  Patrick Nulty (add)
  • WJulia Mary Kelly1875 -
m. 5 Apr 1896
Facts and Events
Name Julia Mary Kelly
Gender Female
Birth[1][2] 1875 Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Census[2] 3 Apr 1881 Liverpool, Lancashire, England48 Ascot Street
Immigration[3] 14 Aug 1883 New York, New York, United StatesSS Wyoming
Marriage 5 Apr 1896 Manhattan, New York, New York, United Statesto Patrick Nulty (add)
Census[4] 1 Jun 1900 Manhattan, New York, New York, United States244 East 34th Street
Census[5] 1 Jun 1905 Brooklyn, Kings, New York, United States1620 68th Street
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Julia Mary Kelly was born in 1875 in Liverpool, daughter of Robert Kelly and Maria Reid. When she was about eight years old she emigrated with her mother and siblings to America, following her father Robert, who had emigrated the year before.

In America, the family settled in New York. She married a Patrick Nulty in 1896, although for some reason she appears in the 1900 census still with her parents under her maiden name. Later censuses find her living with her husband. Julia has yet to be researched after 1905.

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    NameRelation to headMarital statusSexAgeImplied birthdateOccupationBirthplace
    Robert Kellyheadmarriedmale321848/9Labourer DockManchester, Lancashire
    Maria Kellywifemarriedfemale281852/3Ireland
    Julia Kellydaughterfemale61874/5ScholarLiverpool, Lancashire
    Margaret Kellydaughterfemale31877/8Liverpool, Lancashire
    John Joneslodgerwidowermale521828/9Labourer DockQuebec, Canada
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    Margaret Kelly, 4, child, England, United States
    Maria Kelly, 11mos, infant, England, United States

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    Address: 244 East Thirty-fourth
    Rented house
    Robert Kelly, head, white, male, b. Nov 1849, married 30 years, b. Ireland, father b. Ireland, mother b. Ireland, immigrated 1882, naturalized, Printer, 1 month out of work
    Maria Kelly, wife, white, female, b. May 1854, married 30 years, mother of 16 children, 9 children still living, b. Ireland, father b. Ireland, mother b. Ireland, immigrated 1883
    Julia Kelly, daughter, white, female, b. May 1876, single, b. unknown, father b. Ireland, mother b. Ireland
    Margaret Kelly, daughter, white, female, b. Nov 1879, single, b. England, father b. Ireland, mother b. Ireland, immigrated 1883, Millener, 0 months out of work
    Maria Kelly, daughter, white, female, b. Nov 1881, single, b. England, father b. Ireland, mother b. Ireland, immigrated 1883, Dress-maker, 2 months out of work
    Teresa Kelly, daughter, white, female, b. May 1884, single, b. New York, father b. Ireland, mother b. Ireland, Cash-girl, 0 months out of work
    Ciddick [possibly mistranscribed Liddiar?] Kelly, daughter, female, b. Nov 1888, single, b. New York, father b. Ireland, mother b. Ireland, At school
    plus seven roomers and a servant

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    Address: 1620, 68th Street
    Nulty, Patrick N., head, white, male, 36, born Ireland, 20 years in US, citizen, Officer
    Nulty, Julia, wife, white, female, 29, born England, 25 years in US, citizen, Housework
    Nulty, Julia, daughter, white, female, 5, born US, citizen, School
    Nulty, Veronica, daughter, white, female, 3, born US, citizen, Home
    Nulty, Margaret, daughter, white, female, 1, born US, citizen