Person:John Perry (25)

m. 15 Oct 1583
  1. Hannah Perry1585 - 1634
  2. Abraham Perry1588 - 1651
  3. Mary Perry1590 - 1595
  4. John Perryest 1595 - 1642
  5. Mary Perryest 1597 - 1659
  6. Daniel Perry1598/9 - 1675
  7. Martha Perry1602 - aft 1657
  8. Hester Perry1605 -
  9. Isaac Perry1610 -
m. est 1636
  1. Elizabeth Perry1637/8 - aft 1707
  2. John Perry1639 - 1713
  3. Samuel Perry1640/1 - 1706
Facts and Events
Name John Perry
Gender Male
Birth[4] est 1595 Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire, England
Marriage est 1636 to Elizabeth Unknown
Burial[1][2][3] 21 Sep 1642 Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts, United States
Vital Records

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To America c. 1632, possibly on the Lion, which arrived in Nantasket, MA November 2, 1631. Designated a freeman in Roxbury 1633.

Facts about this person:

Occupation Farmer

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    ORIGIN: Unknown
    MIGRATION: 1632

    BIRTH: By about 1612 based on date of freemanship and on estimated date of marriage.
    DEATH: Buried at Roxbury 21 September 1642 ("John Perry, a christian brother. He died of a consumption partly & an extreme pain in his head" [RChR 170]).

  4. based on the fact that he was under 21 when his father wrote his will Jun 1615, that he is assumed to be older than Daniel based on the order he is listed in his father's will, and on known and approx. birth years of his siblings