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John Edmondson
b.abt. 1749
d.1 December 1802
m. abt. 1789
  • HJohn Edmondsonabt 1749 - 1802
  • WLucy Cockebef 1776 -
m. 1795
  1. Elizabeth Edmondsonabt 1795 -
  2. John Edmondsonest 1796-1799 - aft 1870
Facts and Events
Name John Edmondson
Gender Male
Birth[1] abt. 1749
Marriage abt. 1789 to Elizabeth Harrison
Marriage 1795 prob. Virginiato Lucy Cocke
Death[1] 1 December 1802

Information on John Edmondson

When Dr. William Rickman died in 1783, his widow Elizabeth inherited his property, including Millford. The 1787 tax records show Elizabeth Rickman charged with two tracts of land, 223 acres (0.90 km2) and 365 acres (1.48 km2), with no name directly associated with the land. Elizabeth Rickman subsequently married John Edmondson around 1789. Her will, drafted in May 1790, specified all of her land was to go to her husband John Edmondson; upon his death, the Thomas Brown tract was to go to her brother William Henry Harrison, while the 280-acre (1.1 km2) home place would go to Carter Bassett Harrison, another brother. [Source:]

From "Edmondson vs. Bloomshire", 78 U.S. 382 (1870), U.S. Supreme Court Records:

Five years later (1789) she (Elizabeth Harrison) intermarried with John Edmondson, and they afterwards, during the succeeding year, united in executing a deed of trust or post-nuptial agreement to her brother, Carter B. Harrison, of all her estate, real and personal, or to which she was entitled under the will of her former husband, for her separate use and advantage, her heirs, executors, and administrators, the husband stipulating therein that she might dispose of the same by her last will and testament as she should see fit to do.
On the third of May, 1790, Elizabeth Edmondson made her last will and testament, which was olographic, and on the first day of January, 1791, she died, leaving her will in full force, and on the twentieth of the same month the will was proved and admitted to record in the county where she resided at her decease.
Afterwards, (after the death of his first wife, Elizabeth Harrison) in the year 1795, the said John Edmondson married again, and the record shows that he had three children by the second wife, one of whom died before the father without issue, leaving John and Elizabeth, the latter having since intermarried with Littleton Waddell, the other complainant and appellant in the case before the court.
Before his decease, John Edmondson, the father of the two appellants, John and Elizabeth, also made a will and devised all his property to his three children, one of whom, as before stated, died during the lifetime of the father. His will bears date on the third of October, 1802, and the pleadings show that he died on the first day of December following, leaving the two children before named as his principal devisees and sole heirs-at-law. They, together with the husband of Elizabeth, claim the lands in controversy upon the ground that the same were devised to the father of John and Elizabeth by the will of his first wife. [Source:]

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