Person:John Browne (56)

John Browne
chr.29 June 1600 Dorking, Surrey, England
  • F.  William Browne (add)
  1. Peter Browne1594/5 - BET 1633
  2. John Browne1600 - bef 1684
  • HJohn Browne1600 - bef 1684
  • W.  Phebe Harding (add)
m. 25 Mar 1634
Facts and Events
Name[1] John Browne
Gender Male
Christening[2] 29 June 1600 Dorking, Surrey, England
Marriage 25 Mar 1634 Plymouth, Massachusetts, United Statesto Phebe Harding (add)
Death[1] bef 5 Jun 1684 Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States(probate)
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    Origin Unknown. Migration 1632. Duxbury. Occupation: Weaver.
    Birth: By abt 1610 based on 1634 marriage.
    Death: By 5 Jun 1684 (probate)
    "The identification of John Brown of Duxbury as brother of Peter was published in 1957 by Donald Lines Jacobus and again in 1966 by Florence Barclay [TAG 33:214-22; 42:35-42]. Gerald W. McFarland repeated this identification, and added an explicit argument showing why this John Brown was not the John Brown who resided in Plymouth, Taunton, and Rehoboth. [NEHGR 140:331-32]"

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