Person:John Brown (255)

John Brown
b.About 1908 Charleston, SC
d.01/1977 Charleston, SC
  1. John BrownAbout 1908 - 1977
  • HJohn BrownAbout 1908 - 1977
  • WAnna Johnson1909 - 1989
Facts and Events
Name John Brown
Gender Male
Birth? About 1908 Charleston, SC
Death? 01/1977 Charleston, SC
Vital Records

There is 1,058 vital record available on MyHeritage for John Brown, including birth records, marriage records, and death records. Vital records are historical records that are typically recorded around the actual time of the event, which means they are likely accurate. Vital records include information like the event date and place, and the person's occupation and residence. Vital records also often include information about the person's relatives. For example, birth and marriage records include names of parents and divorce records list the names of children.

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