Person:John Becker (9)

John Henry Becker
b.06 MAY 1873 Elgin, Kane, Illinois
  1. Charlotte Becker1857 - 1950
  2. Christian Becker1865 - AFT 1926
  3. Henry Becker1869 - AFT 1926
  4. John Henry Becker1873 - 1926
m. 13 MAR 1895
  1. Olga A Becker1895 - 1981
  2. Alma C Becker1897 - 1967
  3. Adele Annamarie Becker1900 - 1960
  4. Charlotte Sophia Becker1906 - 1980
  5. Harold Becker1907 - 1910
Facts and Events
Name[1] John Henry Becker
Gender Male
Birth[2][3][14] 06 MAY 1873 Elgin, Kane, Illinois
Census[1] 1880 Wayne, Du Page, Illinois
Marriage 13 MAR 1895 Chicago, Cook, Illinoisto Sophia (Sophie) Caroline Polkow
Residence[3] 06 APR 1906 Chicago, Cook, Illinois5045 S. Justine
Occupation[3][6][14] 1920 a Painter and Decorator
Death[2][4][5][9][16][17][18][19] 28 NOV 1926 Chicago, Cook, Illinois
Burial[2][18] 02 DEC 1926 Chicago, Cook, Illinois

JOHN HENRY BECKER was born on 6 May 1873 at Elgin, Kane County, Illinois. John's parents came from Germany. He was the youngest of four children, three boys and a girl. His two older brothers were Christian and Henry and his sister was Charlotte. John would eventually name his youngest daughter Charlotte, after his mother and sister.

He married Sophia (Sophie) Caroline Polkow, daughter of Carl (Charles) Polkow and Fredericka [Polkow] of Thorton, Illinois. They married on 13 Mar 1895 at Chicago, Cook County, Illinois. John was 21.

When John was 24 in 1897 the extended family became embroiled in scandal when his Aunt Charlotte's brother-in-law Adolph was charged with murder following the disappearance of his wife, Louise. Police charged him with killing her and dissolving her body in a vat inside his sausage factory. The case was a national sensation and he became know as The Sausage King MurdererS10. His uncle Arnold then fell on hard times in his business dealings and committed suicide in grisly public fashion. John's father identified the body.

John and Sophie were the parents of four girls, Olga, Adele, Alma and Charlotte. He and Sophia (Sophie) Caroline Polkow lived at at 5045 S. Justine, Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, in 1906, when their youngest daughter Charlotte was born. They lived in Chicago their entire lives. John was a Painter.

He died at age 53 on 28 Nov 1926 of Heart failure after an appendicitis operation. He lived at 5946 Laflin, Chicago when he died. He was buried in Cedar Park Cemetery.


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1900 1900 US Federal Population Census: Chicago Ward 30, Cook County, Illinois
1910 1910 US Federal Population Census: 29-Wd Chicago, Cook County, Illinois
1920 1920 US Federal Population Census: Chicago Ward 31, Cook County, Illinois
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