Person:Jeffrey Parsons (3)

Jeffrey Parsons
m. 3 NOV 1621
  1. James Parsons1622 - 1622/3
  2. Elizabeth Parsons1624 - 1624
  3. John Parsons1627 -
  4. Jeffrey Parsons1631 - 1689
  5. James ParsonsABT 1633 - ABT 1708
  6. Margaret Parsons1635 - 1636
  • HJeffrey Parsons1631 - 1689
  • WSarah Vinson1637 - 1707/08
  1. Samuel Parsons
  2. James Parsons1658 - 1733
  3. Jeffrey Parsons1661 - abt 1750
  4. Sarah Parsons1663 - 1708
  5. Elizabeth ParsonsAbt 1665 - 1711
  6. John Parsons1666 - 1714
  7. Jeremiah Parsons1672 -
  8. Nathaniel Parsons1675 - 1722
  9. Abigail Parsons1678 - Aft 1754
  10. Ebenezer Parsons1680 - 1680
  11. Ebenezer Parsons1681 - 1763
  12. Love ParsonsABT 1683 - 1709
Facts and Events
Name Jeffrey Parsons
Gender Male
Alt Birth? ABT 1630 Devon, England
Baptism? 1 AUG 1630 Loddiswell, Devon, England
Birth? 1631 Alphington, Devon, Englandnear Exeter, England
Emigration? ABT 1643 Barbados
Emigration? ABT 1654 Gloucester, Essex, Massachusetts, United States
Death? 19 AUG 1689 Gloucester, Massachusetts

There has been considerable discussion about Jeffrey’s parentage, particularly about whether or not Bridget Varney was his mother. Jeffry’s parentage as reported in Willis Parson’s 1988 article in NEHGR accords with the letter rec’d by Jeffrey from his cousin/niece in England, and eliminates Bridget Varney as Jeffrey’s mother.

This leaves in question Jeffrey’s relationship to Bridget Varney, who names Jeffrey “son” in her will. She names her daughter Rachel’s husband “son-in-law”, indicating that she distinquished the two relationships. At the same time, she leaves bequests for her three Varney children, and the balance of her estate to her son-in-law William Vinson. Her relationship with Jeffrey, in other words, is not sufficient to warrant his receiving any part of her estate, which suggests the relationship is not that of a mother.

Jeffrey is said to have gone to Barbados at a young age with an uncle. In 1638 there were both a Thomas Parsons and a “Milchard” Parsons in Barbados who owned 10 or more acres of land. Milchard or Milihard d. 1652 in St. Peters Parish, signed his will with a mark. Other Parsons who died in Barbados in the right time frame include a Robert in St. James Parish in 1679, an Edward, Gentleman, in St. Michaels Parish in 1688 and a Richard in Christ Church Parish in 1696. (St. Michaels and Christ Church are in the vicinity of Bridgetown.)

What, if any, relation they are to Jeffrey is unknown. Parsons families continued to live in St. Michaels and Christ Church, but based on naming patterns they are unlikely to be related to Jeffrey. (See IGI -- all existing early Barbados births and marriages have been transcribed.)

There is also a Crossings family, the father Richard died 1681 in St. Johns Parish, leaving sons William and Richard, dau Mary (wife of Capt. Thomas Downes), wife Margery. (See Barbados Records Wills and Administrations, LDS Book #972.981 P2s)

Given the scarcity of early records in Barbados, documentation of Jeffrey’s time there and possible relations may not exist. Nevertheless, within the context of existing records it is possible that he was there for a time, as he is supposed to have said.,

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