Person:Janneke Reitsma (1)

m. 15 May 1880
  1. Lieuwe Reitsma1881 - 1950
  2. Saapke Reitsma1883 - 1971
  3. Dirkje Reitsma1886 - 1971
  4. Tjitske Reitsma1890 - 1902
  5. Janneke Reitsma1892 - 1969
m. 31 MAY 1920
  1. Winifred Gaastra
  2. Otto Gaastra1921 - 2001
  3. John Gaastra1922 - 1948
  4. Theodore Gaastra1930 - 2000
Facts and Events
Name Janneke Reitsma
Alt Name Jennie
Gender Female
Birth? 29 NOV 1892 Ferwerderadeel, Friesland
Marriage 31 MAY 1920 Comstock Park, Kent, Michigan, United Statescivil
to Jacob Gaastra
Unknown 1930 Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan, United States
Jacob Gaastra
Census 1940 Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan, United States
with Jacob Gaastra
Death? Nov 1969 Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan, United States
Vital Records

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Groom name: Jacob Gaastra Groom race or color (on document): Groom age: 27 years Groom birth year: 1893 Groom birth place: Netherlands Bride name: Jennie Reitsma Bride race or color (on document): Bride age: 27 years Bride birth year: 1893 Bride birth place: Netherlands Marriage type: Marriage date: 31 May 1920 Marriage place: Comstock Park, Kent, Michigan Father of groom name: Otto Guustra Mother of groom name: Anna Hoekstra Father of bride name: John Reitsma Mother of bride name: Vennie Byboer Marital status: Groom previous wife name: Bride marital status: Bride previous husband name: Additional relatives: Film number: 2342738 Frame number: Digital GS number: 4032471 Image number: 11 Reference number: v 3 p 148 rn 10666 Collection: Michigan Marriages 1868-1925