Person:Jan van Tholen (1)

m. 26 JUN 1879
  1. Maria van Tholen1880 - 1950
  2. Harmina Jantina van Tholen1881 - 1973
  3. Meentje van Tholen1883 - 1906
  4. Jantina van Tholen1885 - 1976
  5. Derktje van Tholen1887 -
  6. Jan van Tholen1890 - 1980
  7. Trijntje van Tholen1892 - 1982
  8. Grietje van Tholen1894 -
  9. Nn van Tholen1897 - 1897
  10. Derk van Tholen1898 - 1903
  11. Hendrik van Tholen1901 - 1968
m. 13 FEB 1918
  1. Henry van Tholen1918 - 1992
  2. Dena van Tholen1920 - 2014
  3. Richard van Tholen1921 - 1995
  4. John van Tholen1923 - 1998
  5. Dorothy van Tholen1924 - 2004
  6. Unknown van Tholen
  7. Unknown van Tholen
Facts and Events
Name Jan van Tholen
Unknown John
Gender Male
Birth[3] 6 APR 1890 Westerlee, Scheemda, Groningen, Netherlands
Immigration[2] 13 Jun 1911 New York, New York, United States
Marriage 13 FEB 1918 Chicago, Cook, Illinois, United Statesto Grace Winter
Census? 1920 Chicago, Cook, Illinois, United States
Census? 1930 Chicago, Cook, Illinois, United States
Census? 1940 Chicago, Cook, Illinois, United States
Military? 1942 Chicago, Cook, Illinois, United States
Death? 31 OCT 1980 Cook, Illinois, United States
Burial[1] Forest Home Cemetery, Forest Park, Cook, Illinois, United States
Vital Records

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For Jon and Grace (Winter) Van Tholen, living in the Chicago area, their life was all about making a living and caring for their family. John worked long hours at his garbage hauling business while Grace worked equally as hard caring for their home and raising their five children.

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  1. John Vantholen, in Find A Grave.
  2. s.s. Noordam 13 Jun 1911 going to live with cousin B. Huiner?