Person:Jan Westra (66)

Jan Tjerks Westra
m. 14 JUN 1890
  1. Jan Tjerks Westra1891 - 1965
  2. Kate Westra1893 -
  3. Hattie Westra1894 -
  4. Dora Westra1895 -
Facts and Events
Name Jan Tjerks Westra
Immigrant Name John Westra
Gender Male
Birth[1] 28 AUG 1891 Hiaure, Westdongeradeel, Friesland, Netherlands
Census[2] 26 Jun 1900 Randolph (town), Columbia, Wisconsin, United States
Census[5] 19 Apr 1910 Randolph (town), Columbia, Wisconsin, United StatesRandolph Road North
Occupation[5] 19 Apr 1910 Farm laborer
Death[3][4] 1965
Burial[3][4] Friesland Cemetery, Columbia, Wisconsin, United StatesPlot: 78N--10x
Vital Records

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  1. Geboorten, in Westdongeradeel, Friesland, Netherlands. Burgerlijke Stand, Akte 130, 1891, Primary quality.
  2. Columbia, Wisconsin, United States. 1900 U.S. Census Population Schedule, ED 24 sheet 9B, 26 Jun 1900, Primary quality.
      Name    Relation    Sex    Date of
      Age    Place of
      Year of
    John WastraheadMOct 186040Holland1892
    Jane WastrawifeFAug 186634Holland1892
    John WastrasonMAug 18919Holland1892
    Kate WastradaughterFJan 18937Wisconsin 
    Hattie WastradaughterFApr 18946Wisconsin 
    Dora WastradaughterFApr 18955Wisconsin
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  5. 5.0 5.1 Columbia, Wisconsin, United States. 1910 U.S. Census Population Schedule, ED 31 sheet 4A, 19 Apr 1910, Primary quality.
      Name    Relation    Sex    Age    Birth
      Place of
      Year of
    Djerh WestraHead M491861Holland1892
    Jennie Westra WifeF431867Holland1892
    John WestraSonM181892Holland1892
    Katie Westra DaughterF171893Holland 1892
    Hather Westra DaughterF161894Wisconsin 
    Dora Westra DaughterF151895Wisconsin