Person:Jan Tamminga (4)

m. 23 OCT 1890
  1. Tamme Tamminga1891 -
  2. Klaas Tamminga1892 -
  3. Jenze Tamminga1894 -
  4. Freerk Tamminga1896 -
  5. Antje Tamminga1898 -
  6. Jan Tamminga1899 - 1982
  7. Grietje Tamminga1900 -
Facts and Events
Name Jan Tamminga
Alt Name John
Gender Male
Birth[1] 22 MAR 1899 Westdongeradeel, Friesland, Nederland
Census[2] 28 Jun 1900 Randolph (town), Columbia, Wisconsin, United States
Census[5] 25 Apr 1910 Randolph (town), Columbia, Wisconsin, United StatesOld Military Road
Death[3][4] 28 MAY 1982 Cambria, Columbia, Wisconsin, United States
Burial[3][4] Friesland Cemetery, Friesland, Columbia, Wisconsin, United StatesPlot: 59S--01x
Image Gallery
  1. Geboorte, in Westdongeradeel, Friesland, Netherlands. Burgerlijke Stand, akte 31, 1899.
  2. Columbia, Wisconsin, United States. 1900 U.S. Census Population Schedule, ED 24 sheet 10B, 28 Jun 1900, Primary quality.
      Name    Relation    Sex    Date of
      Age    Place of
      Year of
    Tacke T TammingaheadMAug 186634Holland1899
    Tryntjie TammingawifeFFeb 186733Holland1899
    Tamme TammingasonMFeb 18919Holland1899
    Klaal TammingasonMAug 18928Holland1899
    Jenre TammingasonMMar 18946Holland1899
    Antje TammingadaughterFMar 18982Holland1899
    John TammingasonMMar 18991Holland1899
    TammingadaughterFMay 19000Wisconsin
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  4. 4.0 4.1 .
  5. Columbia, Wisconsin, United States. 1910 U.S. Census Population Schedule, ED 31 sheet 7A, 25 Apr 1910, Primary quality.
      Name    Relation    Sex    Age    Birth
      Place of
      Year of
    Tarke TammingaHead M431867Holland1899
    Ratle Tamminga WifeF431867Holland1899
    Thomas TammingaSonM191891Holland1899
    Nick TammingaSonM171893Holland1899
    Yeuse TammingaSonM161894Holland1899
    Fred TammingaSonM141896Holland1899
    Annie TammingaDaughterF121898Holland1899
    John TammingaSonM111899Holland1899
    Gun TammingaSonM51905Wisconsin 
    Anna TammingaSonM10/12abt 1910 Wisconsin
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