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Jacob Westfall
m. bef. 1735
  1. William WestfallAbt 1735 - 1810
  2. Abel Westfall1737 -
  3. George Westfall1741 - 1797
  4. Esther Westfall1743 - ABT 1800
  5. James Westfall1747 -
  6. Joel Westfall1751 - 1778
  7. Judith Westfall1754 - 1841
  8. Jacob Westfall1755 - 1835
  • HJacob Westfall1755 - 1835
  • WMary King1758 - 1841
m. 1777
Facts and Events
Name Jacob Westfall
Gender Male
Birth? 10 OCT 1755 Hampshire County, Virginia
Marriage 1777 Tygarts Valley, Virginiato Mary King
Death? 5 MAR 1835 Putnam County, Indiana

Information on Jacob Westfall

From "Westfall Genealogy Site" of Walter Westfall:

(10aa) Jacob and Judith (Hornbeck) Westfall's son Jacob Westfall was born October 10, 1755 in Hampshire Co. (West) Virginia, and died March 5, 1835 in Putnam County, Indiana. He married Mary King 1777 in Tygarts Valley, Virginia. She was born 1758, and died 1841 in Putnam County, Indiana. Jacob served as First Lieutenant in 1781 in the Augusta Monongahalia militia. He went on an expedition with George Rogers Clarke against the Indians. Jacob was pensioned on Sept. 18, 1833. He was appointed County Lieutenant for Randolph County, (West) Virginia on Aug. 28, 1787. He also served as the first sheriff of Randolph County and also as a justice. He organized scouts to observe Indian travel around the settlement at Beverly in 1790, but left for Kentucky in October 1792 leaving no one to certify the claims of his scouts for pay. In 1792 Jacob and Mary sold property in Randolph Co. and removed to Kentucky. In 1803 from Nelson Co., Ky., Jacob and Mary granted land in Randolph Co. to Cornelius Westfall of Dayton, Ohio. This evidently is their son as a Montgomery Co., Ohio history says Cornelius Westfall, a Kentuckian, opened a school in the fall of 1804. The family lived in Nelson Co., Kentucky awhile, then in Hardin County until 1808 when they moved to Miami Co., Ohio. Jacob left Ohio in 1827 to settle in Putnam Co., Indiana where he died on march 5, 1835. his wife Mary was born in 1758 and died in 1841. Jacob was granted a pension for service in the Revolution in September 1833 in Montgomery County, Indiana but was living in Putnam County, Indiana by then. He was awarded $80.00 a year. After his death in 1835 his wife Mary applied for pension from Boone County, Indiana in 1838 at age 80.

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