Person:Isaac Jackson (40)

Dr. Isaac Jackson, Sr.
d.3 Feb 1906
Facts and Events
Name Dr. Isaac Jackson, Sr.
Gender Male
Birth[7] 13 Mar 1817 Fayette, Pennsylvania, United States
Death[7] 3 Feb 1906
Burial[1][7] Redstone Cemetery, Brownsville, Fayette Co., Pennsylvania, United States

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Dr. Isaac Jackson has been placed in Category:Jackson Brick Walls. If you are able to add Isaac's parents, please edit this page to remove this category and the wall bash image. Find-a-Grave Memorial page mentions date of birth as 17 Mar 1817 but the photo shows only the years of birth and death. The death certificate gives Isaac's date of birth as 13 Mar 1817. Either could be right or wrong. The death certificate also says that Isaac's father was Robert Jackson born in Pennsylvania and does not tell of Isaac's mother. The informant was Isaac's son, James T. Jackson.

The enumerator of the 1850 census very helpfully filled in the COUNTY of birth!
1850 Census Brownsville, Fayette Co., Pennsylvania
Isaac Jackson 33 M Physician Fayette Co., PA
Jane Jackson 20 F ditto
Delila Tolbert 33 F ditto

1860 Census Brownsville, Fayette Co., Pennsylvania
Post Office: Brownsville
The household & family numbers are missing from Isaac Jackson's record but as he is between 19/20 and 21/22, it appears obvious that his numbers would be 20/21 and he should have been listed as a separate household and NOT living with the family enumerated immediately above him.
Isaac Jackson 43 M Physician 500 2000 PA
Jane Jackson 30 F PA
Duncan Jackson 9 M PA
John Jackson 7 M PA
James Jackson 4 M PA
Mary Jackson 1 F PA

1870 Census Brownsville Borough, Fayette, Pennsylvania
Post Office: Brownsville
Jackson, Isaac 53 M W Physician 7000 5000 PA
Jackson, Jane 40 F W Keeping House PA
Jackson, John 17 M W PA
Jackson, James 14 M W PA
Jackson, Mary 11 F W PA
Jackson, Jane C. 8 F W PA
Jackson, Caroline 5 F W PA
Jackson, Isaac 2 M W PA
Alaxander, ---- 17 F B Domestic PA

1880 Census Brownsville, Fayette Co., Pennsylvania
Jackson, Isaac W M 63 married Doctor PA PA PA
Jackson, Jane W F 50 wife married keeping house PA PA PA
Jackson, James W M 23 son S Clerk in Drug Store PA PA PA
Jackson, Mary W F 21 dau S at home PA PA PA
Jackson, Carry W F 15 dau S at home PA PA PA
Jackson, Isaac W M 12 son S PA PA PA
Jackson, Nillie W F 7 dau S PA PA PA
Jackson, Jennie W F 18 dau S at home (Janie?)

1900 Census Brownsville, Fayette Co., Pennsylvania
Jackson, Isaac Head W M Mar 1817 83 M50yrs PA PA PA Doctor
Jackson, Jane C. Wife W F Jan 1830 70 M50yrs 8ch/5 lvg PA PA PA
Kirker, Duncan grandson W M Nov 1890 9 S PA PA PA at school
More research is needed to determine the parents of this grandchild!! A marriage record is found for Isaac's daughter Jennie to Milton Kirker in 1888. So it is assumed that Duncan is a child of Jennie and Milton but further documentation is desired.

Directory of Deceased American Physicians, 1804-1929 Name: Isaac Jackson Death Date: 6 Feb 1906 Death Place: Pittsburgh, PA Type Practice: Allopath Practice Specialities: Brownsville, PA Licenses: PA, 1881 Practice Dates Places: Brownsville, PA Medical School: Jefferson Medical College of Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, 1847, (G) JAMA Citation: 46:530

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    Death Certificate of Dr. Isaac Jackson gives his birth date as 13 Mar 1817 which is different from the Find-a-Grave memorial page.