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Hannah Vangilder
  • HJoshua Ranerabout 1793 - 1845
  • WHannah Vangilderabout 1801 -
m. Before 1829
  1. Almira M Raner1829 - 1910
  2. Hannah Ann RanerAbt 1831 -
  3. Jeremiah Raner1835 - 1909
  4. Lurinda Raner1844 - 1912
  5. Agnes RanerAbt 1845 - bef 1855
  • HHedden BallAbt 1801 - 1880
  • WHannah VangilderAbt 1801 -
m. 2 Nov 1852
Facts and Events
Name Hannah Vangilder
Gender Female
Birth[6] about 1801 New York, United States
Marriage Before 1829 Probably New Yorkto Joshua Raner
Alt Marriage 14 Oct 1852 to Hedden Ball
Marriage 2 Nov 1852 to Hedden Ball
Residence[6] 1854 Jasper, Steuben, New York, United States
Census[6] 1855 Jasper, Steuben, New York, United States

Theory so far:

This is a new ancestor. This is only a guess on date of birth. Only one man by the name of Joshua Raner is on the 1850 census. It is probably too far from family to be him. At the moment I am assuming there is a good possibility that he died in 1850 or earlier. Hannah Van Gilder married a Hedden Ball after 1850.

There are quite a few Vangilder's of Cayuga County, New York pre 1850 including a Jeremiah Vangilder and Mathew Van Gilder.


Possibly a Richard is a child of hers? He is in the next dwelling in Steuben 1855. Also marked as living in the county for 1 year. Richard B. Raner, 27, M, farmer, born Allegany County, married to Frances L. Raner, 20, F, born Onondaga County, also lived in county for 1 year.

Possibly Eunice Raner?

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  7.   possibly after 1865 in Steuben County, New York?