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Germain Doucet, dit "Laverdue"
  • HGermain Doucet, dit "Laverdue"ABT 1595 - 1654
m. abt 1620
  1. Pierre Doucet, dit "Laverdure"ABT 1621 - 1713
  2. Marguerite-Louise DoucetABT 1625 - 1707
  3. DoucetABT 1633 -
  4. Germain DoucetAbt 1641 - BEF 1699
  • HGermain Doucet, dit "Laverdue"ABT 1595 - 1654
m. BEF 1654
Facts and Events
Name Germain Doucet, dit "Laverdue"
Gender Male
Birth[5][8] ABT 1595 Couperoue en Brye
Marriage abt 1620 to
Immigration[5][2] 1632 Le Have, Acadie (NS, Canada)
Occupation? Port Royal, AcadiaGunsmithOccupation: Capitaine d'armes de d'Aulnay en Acadie (Capt of Arms - Armorer
Marriage BEF 1654 Acadiato
Death? 1654 Port Royal,Acadia,Nova Scotia,Canada
Occupation[1] Com'dant, Capt.
Immigration? Aft. 16 Aug 1654 France
Occupation[1] AcadieCapitaine d'armes de d'Aulnay en Acadie (Armorer)

!MARRIAGES: "The Passenger List of the Ship SAINT-JEHAN and the Acadian Origins," in FRENCH CANADIAN AND ACADIAN GENEALOGICAL REVIEW; 1600-1700; vol. 1, no. 1 (spring 1968); p. 71

!IMMIGRATION-OCCUPATION: Janet Jehn, ACADIAN DESCENDANTS, vol. I; 1620-1785; Covington, KY, author, 1972; p. 15; own copy. Germain DOUCET dit LAVERDURE came from France to Acadia about 1639, was a major under d'Aulnay and a trusted associate of his at Penobscot.

!IMMIGRATION: "Germain DOUCET, first ancestor of this name, arrived at LaHeve, in Acadia, in 1632 with Commander Isaac deRAZILLY. In July 1640 we find him again under the title of Captain of Commander of Pentagouet. He received war honors against the Bostonians and returned to France in 1654, leaving two children who had married in Acadia. One was Pierre, who is the ancestor of all the Canadian DOUCET." See: Acadian Genealogy Exchange, Vol. 23, no. 4 (Oct 1994).

!OCCUPATION: He "surrendered the garrison at Port Royal to the British under Major Sedgwick in 1654." (Acad. Des., vol. 1, p. 47.)

!CHILDREN: Were two of his daughters married to Abraham DUGAS? In "Table des Mariages LA BRUERE SUR LOIR 1642 - 1792" "Mariages 1653-1662" 09 August 1659 MAUBERT, Rene (male) m.DOUCET, Jeanne "Mariages 1663-1772" 07 May 1663 DEMERE, JEAN (male) m. DOUSSET,FRANCOISE 07.05.1663 "Mariages 1663-1772" 22 October 1663 DOUSSET, JEAN (male) m.SERPIN, MAGDELEINE "Mariages 1663-1772" 12 January 1671 DOUSSET, FRANCOIS (male) m.BROCHERIEUX, MARIE "Mariages 1673-1782" 29 April 1675 DOUSSET, ETIENNE (male) m.LECONTE, URBANNE "Mariages 1673-1782" 20 June 1678 DOUSSET, JEHAN (male) m.BISERAY, JEHANNE Text: pg. 527 Text: pg. 528 ____________________ 16 AUG 1654 when 500 Bostonian soldiers under the command of RobertSedgewick attacked the fort of Port Royal, Germain found it wise togive up without a struggle as he had only 100 men to oppose them.

14 JUL 1640 Germain Doucet was at Port Royal and Captain of the Armyof Pentagoet as well as the right-hand man of the Governor of Acadia(Charles de menou d'Aulnay de Charnizay).

1650 After the death of the Governor, Germain was the Commander at thefort of Port Royal and Deputy Guardian of the Governor's children. --Giulinis ____________________ "adjutant of governor d'Aulnay; was Port Royal commandant at time ofsurrender to Robert Sedgwick on 16 august 1654. Following the terms ofthe act of capitulation, he returned to France where he died.Beau-frere of Jacques Bourgeois (brother-in-law). he immigrated about1639; acadia military, August 16, 1654, Port Royal commandants ditLaverdure." [Dodie Perry:] Avery-Deslauriers: ABT 1595 in Couperoue en Brie (or Coupru en Brye),FRA; [birthdate per F. Snyder; location per S. White]

!SOURCE: Notes from Sally Bouchard on Cyr book

!BIRTH: Cyr, Leo G: Madawaskan Heritage page 87. Book available fromLeo G Cyr, 5005 Randall Ln, Bethesda, MD 20816. Cost $20 + 3 shipping.

!AFN: LDS Ancestral File AFN: 9M75-L4 listed birth location asLaverdure. Also in LDS Ancestral File as AFN: 8XXR-08 with birth as 1595.

Marie Anee Guillot: * Birth: ABT. 1595 in Conflans [or Courerans],En-Brie, France

1632 La Heve, Acadia with Commander Isaac de Razilly by order ofCardinal Richelieu, Minister of State to King Louis XIII. They came tore-occupy the colony after the St. Germain-en-Laye Treaty of March 29,1632. AFT. 16 AUG 1654 returned to France. "Capitaine d'armes de d'Aulnay en Acadie, et commandant per inerimdans le Port Royal" Trans: Captain of Arms for Aulnay in Acadia and interim commander atPort Royal.

16 AUG 1654 Port Royal Commandant, Captaine d'armes de d'Aulnay enAcadie, et commandant per inerim dans le Port Royal. -- Giulinis [daterepresents end of service term as it marks the date Port Royal fell tothe British -- RLL 31 Jan 2002]

DC0016 Germain DOUCET was born in 1596 in France. Germain DOUCET dit Sieur de La Verdure was a native of Couperans-en-Brie, near Paris. The name of his wife is unknown; it has been said that he was the brother-in-law of Jacques BOURGEOIS. His son Pierre was born in 1621 and his daughter Marguerite Louise in 1625, both in France. Presumably they came to Acadia with their father about 1632 when he entered the service of Charles d'AULNAY. In 1640 he was a master-in-arms at Pentagouet (Castine, Maine) where he commanded the French fort with the rank of major. Germain enjoyed an especially close relationship with d'AULNAY who, in his will of January 20, 1649, instructed his wife to take care of Germain and his wife. He referred to him as "Germain DOUCET dit La Verdure, de la Paroisse de Couperna en Brie." In a codicil of February 20, 1649, d'AULNAY referred to one who should be continued in his job because of the fidelity and affection that he has always shown. LAUVRIERE (La Tragedie d'un Peuple, vol. 1, p. 496) believes that this was a reference to Pierre MELANSON, also known as Sieur de La Verdure, who was chef de la milice in the colony. After d'AULNAY drowned in 1650, Pierre MELANSON became the tutor of d'AULNAY's children, while Germain DOUCET became commandant of the fort at Port Royal. He held this position when SEDGWICK attacked the fort in 1654 and captured Port Royal on August 15. Germain returned to France with the military garrison, as required under the terms of capitulation. His son Pierre and his daughter Marguerite remained in Acadia. He was married to UNKNOWN in France. (\DC0016 Early Acadians-horman)

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    Germain DOUCET, born in Couperans in Brie (or Conflans in Brye), France, sieur of La Verdure, captain of arms. He married 1st a spouse not identified; four children. He married 2nd another spouse not identified, perhaps the daughter of Guillaume TRAHAN or the sister of Jacques BOURGEOIS.

    Note of S. White [roughly translated]:
    It's not possible to know if the mother of the children ofGermain Doucet is the sister of Jacques Bourgeois' wife as someauthors suggest... There is also the possibility that Germain Doucetmarried a daughter of Guillaume Trahan and no children survived... butit is also possible that the second wife was a sister of JacquesBourgeois rather than the sister of his wife.

    S. White's historical notes:
    14 juill 1640: Enquête présidée par Mathieu Capon, commis etgreffier, contre Charles de Saint-Étienne de La Tour, où comparaissentGermain Doucet dit La Verdure "capitaine d'armes de Pentagouët", IsaacPesseley et Guillaume Trahan (A. Coullard-Després, Charles deSaint-Étienne de La Tour... et son temps, Arthabaska, 1930, p 294).

    _ ___ 1649: Le testament de d'Aulnay mentionne Germain Doucet "dela paroisse de Conflans (?) en Brye" (G. Massignon, Les parlersfrançais d'Acadie, vol I, p 44).

    16 août 1654: Capitulation de Port-Royal:
    Résultat de tous les articles presentés par M. Doucet de laVerdure tant en qualité de capitaine commandant dans le Port Royalpour le Roi, que comme subrogé tuteur des enfans mineurs de défunt M.d'Aulnay, à M. Robert Sedgwick, général de l'Escadre et Commandant enchef par toutes les côtes de la Nouvelle Angelterre en l'Amé pour la plus grande assurance du contenu des articles cy dessusled. Sieur de la Verdure a laissé pour otage M . Jacques Bourgeois sonbeau-frère et lieutenant de la place, porteur de sa procuration pourle présent traité (ANF, Col, C11D , vol I, fol 96, 98).

  6.   Germain Doucet, Sieur la Verdure, in Anciennes Provinces, Communes et Départements de France.

    Couperans-en-Brie should be Couperoue en Brye (Ancient province Brie)
    is now Coupru, Aisne, Picardie (commune, department, region)

    In the online corrections, White notes that the birthplace should be written Couperoue en Brye (Coupru en Brie). A French genealogist has translated this to the modern place name and it is linked as such.

  7.   "The Passenger List of the Ship SAINT-JEHAN and the Acadian Origins", in French Canadian and Acadian genealogical review, vol. 1, no. 1; p. 71, Spring 1968.

    Germain DOUCET dit La Verdure was a brother-in-law of Jacques BOURGEOIS (married to Jeanne TRAHAN), since hee married Jeanne's sister.

  8. In the online corrections, White notes that the birthplace should be written Couperoue en Brye (Coupru en Brie). A French genealogist has translated this to the modern place name and it is linked as such.