Person:Francis Turner (4)

Francis Lee Turner
m. 29 MAR 1855
  1. Martha J TURNER1856 - 1873
  2. Bettie TURNER1857 - 1858
  3. Francis Lee Turner1859 -
  4. William C TURNER1861 - 1888
  5. Annah Eliza TURNER1862 - 1896
  6. Sallie TURNER1867 - 1867
  7. Isaac T TURNER1868 - 1900
  8. Daniel Vance TURNER1870 - 1888
  9. John Joseph TURNER1872 - 1933
  10. Edna Lenora TURNER1874 - 1907
  11. Zora Belle TURNER1876 - 1941
  12. Hattie S TURNER1878 - 1888
  13. Mary Tennessee TURNER1879 - 1971
  14. James Bowie TURNER1881 - 1938
m. 21 MAY 1882
  1. Martha Rebecca TURNER1883 - 1984
  2. Margaret Elizabeth TURNER1884 - 1982
  3. Claude Melton TURNER1887 - 1888
Facts and Events
Name Francis Lee Turner
Gender Male
Birth[1][2][3][4] 17 FEB 1859 DeKalb, Tennessee, United States
Census[1] 9 AUG 1860 DeKalb, Tennessee, United StatesSmithville PO
Census[2] 1 JUL 1870 Cannon, Tennessee, United StatesWoodberry PO
Census[3] 26 JUN 1880 Hill, Texas, United States
Marriage 21 MAY 1882 Hill, Texas, United Statesto Jennie Margaret Melton
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After death of wife and son Claudie, Frank was overcome with grief and deserted his family, never heard from again. Martha Rebecca and Lizzie went to live with John Joseph Turner Family (1900 Census). Francis Turner's name, DOB are on the "Births" page of the Isaac Turner Family Bible on the line below that of Bettie Turner, but yellowed tape is obscuring the passage, making it unreadable in the RAS digital photograph. It is readable when viewed in person. Father of Martha Rebecca and Lizzie and baby son Claudie. Grief stricken in losing his baby son and beloved wife Jenny, Franklin left home in desperation. His little girls were sent to live with relatives. Mattie, was sent to live with the Robisons and Lizzie with the Meltons, Jennie's parents. The girls each received Guatemalan coins from their father. Mildred, daughter of Mattie, had her mothers coins at her death. Do not know who has the coins at this time. Perhaps Ann Moore Guinn, daughter of Rosemary Moore Driver. Frank disappeared after the death of his wife.

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