Person:Francis Stout (4)

Francis Marion Stout
m. 1840
  1. John A. S. Stoutabt 1842 -
  2. Benjamin A. Stoutabt 1843 -
  3. Francis Marion Stout1845 - 1928
  4. James A. Stoutabt 1847 -
  5. Josephus Stoutabt 1849 -
  6. Virgil Stuart Stout1851 - 1906
  7. Martha Stoutabt 1854 - bef 1870
  8. William Stoutabt 1857 -
  9. Robert Stoutabt 1859 -
  10. Selen Stoutabt 1862 -
  11. Mary Elizabeth Stout1865 - 1916
m. 1874
  1. James Andrew Stout1875 - 1957
  2. Walter Madison Stout1877 -
  3. Beulah Beatrice Stout1879 - 1958
  4. Cora Lee Stout1881 - 1965
  5. Della E. Stout1883 - 1982
  6. Henry I. Stout1884 - 1958
  7. Guy Stout1887 - 1966
  8. Florence Ethel Stout1889 - 1966
  9. Sula Pearl Stout1891 - 1981
  10. Forest Milton Stout1894 - 1966
  11. Lillian Corine Stout1897 - 1965
Facts and Events
Name[1][2] Francis Marion Stout
Alt Name Babe Stout
Gender Male
Birth[1][2] 19 Oct 1845 near Daingerfield, Titus (now Morris) County, Texas
Military? 1863 Served in Co. E, 2d Texas Rangers (Stone's Regiment)
Marriage 1874 Hopkins County, Texasto Sarah Alice Christian
Census[3] 1880 Hopkins County, Texas
Census[4] 1900 Red River County, Texas
Census[5] 1910 Red River County, Texas
Death[1] 13 Jul 1928 McCurtain County, Oklahoma
Burial[1] Boxelder Cemetery, Red River County, Texas

Hopkins County, Texas, 1880 census:[3]

Stout, F. M. 34 yrs Farmer b. Texas (parents, b. Arkansas/Alabama)
      Sarah 24 yrs Wife Housekeeper b. Mississippi (parents, b Georgia/Mississippi)
      James 4 yrs Son b. Texas (parents, b. Texas/Alabama)
      Walter 3 yrs Son b. Texas (parents, b. Texas/Alabama)
      Beulah 2 yrs Dau b. Texas (parents, b. Texas/Alabama)

Red River County, Texas, 1900 census:[4]

Stout, Francis M. Head 54 yrs (b. Oct 1845) (marr. 26 yrs) b. Texas (parents, b. Texas/Alabama) Farmer
      Sarah A. Wife 45 yrs (b. Oct 1854) (11 children, 11 living) b. Mississippi (parents, b. Georgia/Mississippi)
      James A. Son 25 yrs (b. Sep 1874) b. Texas (parents, b. Texas/Mississippi) Farmer
      Walter M. Son 22 yrs (b. Mar 1878) b. Texas (parents, b. Texas/Mississippi) Day Laborer
      Beulah B. Dau 21 yrs (b. Apr 1879) b. Texas (parents, b. Texas/Mississippi) Farm Laborer
      Cora L. Dau 19 yrs (b. Oct 1880) b. Texas (parents, b. Texas/Mississippi) Farm Laborer
      Della E. Dau 18 yrs (b. Feb 1882) b. Texas (parents, b. Texas/Mississippi) Farm Laborer
      Henry Son 16 yrs (b. Mar 1884) b. Texas (parents, b. Texas/Mississippi) Farm Laborer
      Guy Son 14 yrs (b. Jul 1885) b. Texas (parents, b. Texas/Mississippi) Farm Laborer
      Florence E. Dau 11 yrs (b. Apr 1889) b. Texas (parents, b. Texas/Mississippi) Farm Laborer [sic]
      Sula P. Dau 9 yrs (b. Mar 1891) b. Texas (parents, b. Texas/Mississippi)
      Milton F. Son 7 yrs (b. Nov 1892) b. Texas (parents, b. Texas/Mississippi)
      Lillie C. Dau 4 yrs (b. Aug 1895) b. Texas (parents, b. Texas/Mississippi)

Red River County, Texas, 1910 census:[5]

Stout, F. M. Head 65 yrs (marr. 35 yrs) b. Texas (parents, b. Alabama/Arkansas) Farmer (Gen. Farm)
      Alice Wife 55 yrs (11 children, 11 living) b. Mississippi (parents, b. Georgia/Alabama)
      Della Dau 26 yrs b. Texas (parents, b. Texas/Mississippi)
      Forrest Son 16 yrs b. Texas (parents, b. Texas/Mississippi) Laborer (Gen. Farm)
      Lily Dau 13 yrs b. Texas (parents, b. Texas/Mississippi) Laborer (Home Farm) [sic]
Christian, Mattie Mother/law 75 yrs (wid.; 12 children, 9 living) b. Alabama (parents, b. Alabama) "Income"


Article written by Francis Marion Stout in the Semi-Weekly Farm News (Galveston), undated, to accompany a group photo:

I was born three miles east of Daingerfield, Texas, Oct. 19, 1845. Moved to Hopkins county, Texas with my parents three years later. Lived in Hopkins county until grown and married. Moved to Red River County thirty-three years ago. I was married to Miss Alice Christian in 1874. To us were born eleven children, all of whom are living. My wife died Dec. 7, 1917. I moved to Broken Bow two years later, where I now reside.

I volunteered in the Confederate Army at the age of 17. Left home in August of 1862, was in Askew's Company E, Stone's Regiment of the Second Texas Rangers, and served in the Trans-Mississippi Department under General Greene. I served until the end of the war, in 1865, and was discharged at Hempstead, Texas in the autumn of that year. I was in only one hard fight, which was at Mansfield, La. Was in quite a numnber of skirmishes. I was in the first battle at Mansfield and during the second fight was sent to guard prisoners.

If any of my old friends and comrades see this I would be glad if they would write me.

My father was born in 1818 at Washington, Ark. and came to Texas with my grandparents in 1819. My grandmother rode horseback from Arkansas to Texas holding my father in her arms and leading a pack horse, while my grandfather walked in front carrying his rifle for protection. My father, J.S. [James Selen] Stout, was in the Mexican War from 1836 to the end of the war of Mexico and Texas. He served under General sam Houston, having been one of the men who guarded Santa Anna after his capture.

My mother's maiden name was Elvira Rickey [Richey], better known by her nickname, Bob. She was married to my father in 1840. Nine boys and two girls were born to them, of whom I am the third child. Only five of us are living. I am sending a photograph of the five brothers here with. - F.M. Stout, Broken Bow, Ok.

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