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Elizabeth Wilson
b.Abt. 1751
m. 1750
  1. John Wilson, of Fayette County, PennsylvaniaABT 1750 - Aft 1802
  2. Elizabeth WilsonAbt 1751 -
  3. George Wilson1752 - bef 1797
m. BEF 1776
  1. Elizabeth Kincaid1776 - 1854
  2. Ealsa Kincaid1778 - 1856
  3. Agnes KincaidAbt 1780 - Aft 1850
  4. Jane KincaidAbt 1781 - 1835
  5. George Wilson KincaidAbt 1782 - 1848
Facts and Events
Name Elizabeth Wilson
Gender Female
Birth? Abt. 1751
Marriage BEF 1776 prob. Pennsylvaniato Samuel Kincaid

Biographical Information on Elizabeth Wilson

In a biographical sketch of Col. George Wilson, included in "The Monongahela of Old; or, Historical Sketches of South-Western Pennsylvania to the year 1800" by James Veech, his daughter, Elizabeth Kinkade is mentioned. In a footnote for Elizabeth it says she was the: "Wife of Samuel Kincade, who settled just at the junction of Cheat and Monongahela, north side, in Springhill. This land, with half the ferry rights, was devised to him by his father-in-law. This Samuel Kincade narrowly escaped being killed while with a party of Militia, on Ten Mile Creek, when marching to Wheeling in Dunmore's war in 1774. Captain McClure commanded the party, and Kincade was Lieutenant. They were attacked by four Indians of Logan's party, and the Captain killed and Kincade wounded. Gen. St. Clair said 'It would have been no great matter if he had been killed'." (Source: