Person:Elizabeth Kemp (2)

Elizabeth Kemp
b.ABT NOV 1824 , Cornwall, England
m. 20 JAN 1823
  1. William KempABT 1823 -
  2. Elizabeth KempABT 1824 - 1902
  3. John KempABT 1829 -
m. 1851
  1. Caroline Varker1852 -
  2. John Richard Varker1852 - 1901
  3. Elizabeth G. Varker1855 -
  4. Phylena Varker1856 - 1938
  5. Franklin E. Varker1861 - 1948
  6. Ida Varker1865 - 1961
  7. Joseph Russell Varker, Jr.1868 - 1947
Facts and Events
Name Elizabeth Kemp
Gender Female
Birth? ABT NOV 1824 , Cornwall, England
Christening? 8 JAN 1825 Gwinear, Cornwall, England
Marriage 1851 Probably, , Wisconsinto Joseph Russell Varker
Death? 30 OCT 1902 Cuba City, Grant, Wisconsin
Burial? Hazel Green, Grant, Wisconsin
Vital Records

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I had her born in , Cornwall, England on 10 Nov 1828, with B/E/StoP on 16 Sep 1968 SLake, 20 Nov 1968 SLake, and 12 Dec 1969 IFall, respectively. But, I can't get it to come up again. This new info is from Batch C025712. If the old info is correct, then her parentage is incorrect and William & John are not her siblings.