Person:Elizabeth Hopkins (4)

m. 9 Oct 1639
  1. Mary Hopkins1640 - 1700
  2. Stephen Hopkins1642 - 1718
  3. John Hopkins1643 - 1642
  4. Abigail Hopkins1644 - 1691
  5. Deborah Hopkins1648 - bef 1727
  6. Caleb Hopkins1650 - 1728
  7. Ruth Hopkins1653 -
  8. Joshua Hopkins1657 - 1738
  9. William Hopkins1660 - 1718
  10. Elizabeth Hopkins1664 - 1664
Facts and Events
Name Elizabeth Hopkins
Gender Female
Birth[1] Nov 1664 Eastham, Barnstable, Massachusetts, United States
Death[1] Dec 1664 Eastham, Barnstable, Massachusetts, United States
Ancestral File Number HMWQ-DP
Vital Records

There is 1 vital record available on MyHeritage for Elizabeth Hopkins, including birth records, marriage records, and death records. Vital records are historical records that are typically recorded around the actual time of the event, which means they are likely accurate. Vital records include information like the event date and place, and the person's occupation and residence. Vital records also often include information about the person's relatives. For example, birth and marriage records include names of parents and divorce records list the names of children.

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