Person:Elinor Unknown (38)

Elinor Unknown
m. 09 Jun 1630
  1. Jonathon Knapp1630 - 1631
  2. Timothy Knapp1632 - 1684
  3. Joshua Knapp1634 - 1684
  4. Caleb Knapp1636/7 - 1677
  5. Sarah Knapp1638/9 - 1681
  6. Ruth Knapp1640/1 - 1702
  7. Hannah Knapp1642/43 - 1696
  8. Moses Knapp1645 - 1725
  9. Lydia Knapp1647 - 1716
  10. Disbrow Knapp1649 -
Facts and Events
Name Elinor Unknown
Gender Female
Marriage 09 Jun 1630 Englandto Nicholas Knapp
Death? 16 AUG 1658 Stamford, Fairfield County, CT
Vital Records

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Some sources claim that Nicholas Knapp married Elinor Lockwood, but this has apparently been disproven by other sources. She was not a Lockwood or Disbrow.

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    ELINOR Knapp, wife of Nicholas Knapp, died 16, 6, 1658.