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Della Ladoyski Barton
m. 3 May 1890
  1. Elizabeth Rose Hannah Barton1891 - 1893
  2. Della Ladoyski Barton1893 - 1920
  3. Joseph Thomas Barton1894 - 1980
  4. Charles Barton1896 - 1975
  5. Dewey Lavon Barton1898 - 1986
  6. Maude Ethel Barton1900 - 1975
  7. Edwin James Barton1902 - 1970
  8. Mary Ann Barton1914 - ABT 1999
m. 9 Oct 1912
Facts and Events
Name Della Ladoyski Barton
Gender Female
Birth? 9 Jan 1893 Kaysville, Davis, Utah, USA
Marriage 9 Oct 1912 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, USAto Ardeene Clyde Biddle
Death? 28 Aug 1920 Portland, Multnomah, Oregon, USA
Burial? 3 Sep 1920 Kaysville Cemetery, Kaysville, Davis, Utah, USA

Della Ladoyskie Barton was born January 9, 1893 in Kaysville Davis, Utah, the daughter of Joseph Thomas Barton and Mary Ann Norris.

Della was a girl who always followed the council of her parents and never gave them any cause for concern about her. Father said he only had to chastise her once that he could remember. Della liked to play marbles after school and she had been told to get home early before dark. One night she was engrossed in her game of marbles trying to win lack the marbles her brothers had lost. It was dark before she got home and her father chastised her for this.

As Della grew older she was always careful of the company she kept. She never went with anyone she wouldn't have been proud to have as a husband. Della was very popular and could have had any boy she desired. In 1911 she started going with Ardeene Clyde Biddle.

In 1912 the Bishopric was searching for a young man to send out into the mission field. They had had several refusals. One night the Bishop said, "We need someone who is financially, physically, and spiritually able to go. Brother Harmon is physically able, I am financially able, and Brother Barton is spiritually able. Brother Barton we will talk to your future son-in-law and if he won't accept we will send you."

Ardeene did accept. He suggested to Della that they postpone their marriage for two years. But Della said, "No, let's get married now." Her reason was that if they were married she would be able to support him on his mission without anything being said. So November 12, 1912 Della and Ardeene were married in the Salt Lake Temple. The next day Ardeene left for his mission in the Northwest and Della returned home to Price where she worked at the Co-op store to support her husband on his mission.

When Ardeene returned from his mission he and Della moved to the little mining town of Stores, Carbon, Utah (later named Spring Canyon). Here their three children were born: Julia Mary August 28, 1915; Ardeene Clyde Jr. May 8, 1917; and Kenneth Joseph March 22, 1919.

Della became very ill with kidney problems when carrying her third child and when he was only six months old she brought her three children and came home to live with her parents. Her mother nursed her back to health. Della and Ardeene then left for Oregon to visit his mother where Della would further convalesce. Della did not watch her diet and had a backset and died August 20, 1920. Her mother took her three children to raise until their father could provide a home for them. It was seven years before Ardeene remarried and took the three children to live with him.

Written by Mary B. Larsen - sister

Died quite young around 30. She lived in Price with her husband and children. Grandpa Barton bought burial lots in Kaysville. Mary Louise remembers one vauge trip to Price. Dellas husband remarried and stayed in Price. Children Kenneth (married Gail - came to visit in Deeth while Kenneth was in WWII), Adreen Jr (died young - never married), and Della Jr (married - Golding). Ardeen Sr remarried and had one other child.