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Dean Smith
Facts and Events
Name Dean Smith
Gender Male
Birth? 7 Jun 1921 Sipe Springs, Comanche, Texas
Death? 5 Oct 1989 Fort Worth, Tarrant, Texas
Burial? Azle, Parker, Texas
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Dean enlisted in the Army at age 17 in 1938 and fought in WWII from 1941-45 and terminated with an honorable discharge when a bomb exploded temporarily making him deaf.

Dean worked the oil business as his father once did for over 50 years. He worked for Parker Drilling in Alaska, Bolivia, Colombia, Brazil, Syria and Congo (not sure how many years he was with them, but did retire with them). After he retired he drilled a few wells with his partner in Texas.

He has 2 sons and one daughter from his 2nd marriage, Robert, David (David has deceased) and Sarah. And from his third marriage he has a daughter, Joy Maria. (not sure if there are children from the first marrieage).

- Robert is married to Debi and does not have children, they live in Abilene, Tx - Sarah is married to Dwayne Allen and they have 5 boys and 1 girl. Her mother (my fathers 2nd wife) died 2 weeks ago. They live in Utah.

Dean is buried in White's Funeral cemetary