Person:Daniel McCarthy (15)

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Daniel McCarthy
b.Est 1820 Ireland
Facts and Events
Name Daniel McCarthy
Alt Name Carty
Gender Male
Birth? Est 1820 Ireland
Occupation[3] Farmer

Daniel McCarthy is currently only known based on information from his daughters marriage and death certificates. Mary Ann's marriage certificate lists her parents as Daniel Carty and Margaret Ryan whereas her death certificate lists them as Donald McCarthy and Margaret Ryan.

Two different assumptions lead two different ways for research.

1) The parents of Mary Ann McCarty remained in Ireland

If this is the case then we need to be looking in County Clare, Ireland for her family.

2) Her parents came with her to Australia

Assuming that because Mary Ann was 13 or 14 when she arrived in New South Wales in about 1856 then it is likely that we can find some records for Daniel Carty, McCarty or McCarthy.



Going to the NSW Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages there is no death listing for Daniel Carty but there are 2 entries for Daniel McCarty between the years of 1855 and 1925.

  • Another Daniel McCarty had his death registered in Goulburn in 1872 and his parents were Cornelius and Ellen.
  • Then there are 38 listings for the death of Daniel McCarthy/MacCarthy between the years of 1855 and 1925. After eliminating people due to age or being born in NSW then 26 potential Daniel McCarthy deaths remain. Based on deaths of known and potential children this could be narrowed further by looking at deaths in Sydney occurring prior to 1905 or earlier based on the fact that a grandchild listed him as Donald whereas his daughter calls him Daniel it is likely he died when his grandchildren were young.


There is also a possibility that Daniel remarried at some time after arriving in Australia.

  • Daniel McCarty married Johanna Cunningham in Sydney during 1864 (Registration 357/1864).
  • Daniel McCarty married Ellen Ryan in Maitland during 1867 (Registration 2370/1867). It is highly likely that this is the son of Daniel McCarty listed above as dieing in West Maitland in 1864.
  • There is a Daniel Carty who married in Orange during 1892, but it appears he is the wrong person based on potential age and the death of Daniel Carty in 1946 in Orange.
  • Between 1863 and 1912 there are 24 instances of someone named Daniel McCarthy getting married, not counting the people who have clearly been removed the potential list. It is likely that many of these people are also the same people who have been identified amongst the 26 potential Daniel McCarthy deaths.

Other Options

Some other information made it seem likely that Daniel and Margaret went to Bathurst, however this has been revealed not to be the correct family.

Another option is to look at the deaths for Margaret Ryan (McCarty).

I have also looked at births and deaths for potential children of Daniel and Margaret.


Assuming that Daniel and Margaret came to Australia with their daughter, there is a reasonable level of elimination which needs to occur to minimise the numbers down to make it worthwhile to purchase appropriate certificates and confirm further details about this couple.

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