Person:Cornelia Cinna minor (1)

Cornelia Cinna minor
b.0094 BC
d.0069 BC
Facts and Events
Name Cornelia Cinna minor
Alt Name Cornelia Cinna
Gender Female
Birth[1] 0094 BC
Death[1] 0069 BC
Alt Death[1] 0068 BC
Vital Records

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Cornelia Cinnilla (c. 97 BC – 69 BC), daughter of Lucius Cornelius Cinna (one of the great leaders of the Marian party), and a sister to suffect consul Lucius Cornelius Cinna, was married to Gaius Julius Caesar, who would become one of Rome's dictators. Cinna's political party was called the Populares, and his union with Cornelia identified Caesar with this faction.

Caesar and Cornelia married in 84 BC.

When Lucius Cornelius Sulla commanded Caesar to divorce Cornelia, the young husband refused to do so and chose rather to be deprived of her fortune and to be proscribed himself. Cornelia bore him his daughter Julia Caesaris, in c. 76 BC.[1]

Cornelia was the matron of Caesar's household in their home at the Subura in Rome for sixteen years. She died in 69 BC, during Caesar's quaestorship, and left him a daughter. Caesar delivered an oration in praise of her from the Rostra.

In keeping with Roman naming conventions, Cornelia is known by the feminine form of her gens name.

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