Person:Charles Scott (44)

m. 14 Jun 1875
  1. Burton Wilson Scott1876 - 1942
  2. Alvanza Marshall Scott1877 - 1933
  3. Charles Elmer Scott1879 - 1902
  4. Mary Cora Scott1880 - 1930
  5. Ola Beldon Scott1882 - 1884
  6. Gilbert Kimble Scott1884 - 1946
  7. Effie Lillian Melvern Scott1887 - 1986
  8. Asa Reece Scott1889 - 1969
Facts and Events
Name Charles Elmer Scott
Alt Name Charlie Elmer Scott
Gender Male
Birth[1][2] 27 May 1879 Putnam, Missouri, United States
Census[3] 1880 Putnam, Missouri, United States
Census[5] 1900 Wayne, Indiana, United States
Death[2][4] 5 Mar 1902 Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri, United States
Burial[2] Powersville, Putnam, Missouri, United StatesPowersville Cemetery
Vital Records

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  1. Effie Scott Mayer, Children of David Garrett Scott and Ann Jane Reece, in Scott Family Letters, Secondary quality.
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    Powersville Cemetery, York Township
    Scott, Elmer Charles, b. 27 May 1879, d. Mar 1902

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    Scott, David G., 28, farmer, b. PA, both parents b. DE
    , Ann J., 27, wife, keeping house, b. IN, both parents b. IN
    , Burton W., 4, son, b. MO
    , Alvanza M., 3, son, b. MO
    , Charley E., 1, son, b. MO
    Reece, Julia L. I., 22, sister-in-law, b. IN, both parents b. IN
    , Ida M., 15, sister-in-law, attending school, born IL [sic], both parents b. IN

  4. Missouri, United States. Missouri Death Records, 1834-1910, Secondary quality.

    Chas E Scott
    Death Date: 5 Mar 1902
    Birth Date: abt 1880
    County: Jackson
    Death Location: Kansas City, MO

  5. Howard, Wayne, Indiana, in United States. 1900 U.S. Census Population Schedule. (National Archives Microfilm Publication T624), HH 145, Fam 151, Primary quality.

    Scott, Al M, b. May 1877, 23, b. MO, fa b. PA, mo b. IN, farmer, rents farm
    , Elmer C., brother, b. May 1879, 21, b. MO, fa b. PA, mo b. IN, rents farm