Person:Charles Lewis (64)

Charles Lewis
b.Est. 1780-1788
m. 26 May 1778
  1. Agatha 'Agnes' Strother Lewis1779 -
  2. Catherine "Kitty" LewisEst 1780-1788 - 1879
  3. Charles LewisEst 1780-1788 -
  4. Thomas Lewisabt 1786 - 1808
Facts and Events
Name Charles Lewis
Gender Male
Birth? Est. 1780-1788
Death? [died unmarried]
Vital Records

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  1.   Peyton, John Lewis. History of Augusta County, Virginia. (Staunton, Virginia: Samuel M. Yost and Son, 1882).

    Col. Andrew Lewis was twice married—first to a daughter of Thomas Madison, by whom he had three children., one, Charles, who died unmarried, and Thomas, who was killed by McHenry in a duel fought with rifles, which was fatal to both parties. This event created great interest at the time of its occurrence, not only on account of the high standing and character of the parties, but of its tragical termination. The only daughter of Col. Lewis by this marriage was Agatha, who married Col. Elijah McClanahan and left a large number of descendants. By his second marriage with Mrs. Bryant, he had one daughter, Kitty, who married Joseph King, and is still living on Bent Mountain with her son, Joseph R. King.