Person:Barbara of Dunstanville (1)

Barbara of Dunstanville
d.Oct 1480
Facts and Events
Name Barbara of Dunstanville
Alt Name[1] Barbara de Castlecombe
Gender Female
Burial[1] 1480 Badlesmere, Kent, England
Death[1] Oct 1480
Vital Records

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First wife of John Writhe. Barbara de CASTLECOMBE, the daughter and heiress of John de CASTLECOMBE - also known as Januarius de DUNSTANVILLE - a prominent and wealthy Wiltshire family who claimed descent from Henry I through his illegitimate son Reginald de DUNSTANVILLE, Earl of Cornwall.

Memorial Inscription

In Badlesmere Parish church in Kent, a brass inscription records her death: "Hic jacet Barbara, quondam uxor Johannis Wrythe, Filia et hares Joannis Castle-combe, de Ecland, in comitatu Wilts, quae obijt Die Octobris, A. Do[min]i., 1480. Cujus a[nima]e propitietur Deus." The translation of this Latin is: "Here lies Barbara, once wife of John Wrythe, daughter and heiress of John Castlecombe de Ecland, in Wiltshire, who died -- October 1480 AD. May God be pleased [lit. be appeased] by her soul."

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