Person:Audley Maxwell (9)

Audley Maxwell
b.bef. 1707
Facts and Events
Name Audley Maxwell
Gender Male
Birth? bef. 1707
Marriage bef Mar 1741 to


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Source:Chalkley's Chronicles
Source:Maxwell History


Transcript:Records for Maxwell in Chalkley's Chronicles
Early Settlers on Linville's Creek, Augusta County, VA
Transcript:Indian Raids in Old Augusta during the French and Indian War
Person:John Maxwell (88)
Transcript:Forks of the James Indian Raid, 1761


We have limited information on Audley Maxwell (9). The first record we have for him dates to 19 May 1738, when a survey is conducted for him on Linvell Run in Old Augusta.

May 19, 1738 Survey for Adley Maxwell, beginning ( ) against ye mouth of Linvell's Run, Black Walnut.Source:Chalkley's Chronicles:2:373

Almost 20 years later we have

Robert Craig, 178 acres in Beverley Manor; Cathey's River. Adley Maxwell, Robert Patterson's line. Delivered: Grizel Craig 4th July, 1755. Teste: William Thompson, Charles Campbell, Adam Thomson.


From Source:Maxwell History:526

Audley Maxwell lived on Cathey's River, in Beverly Manor, and made depositions July 4, 1755. (Note:Date of deposition preceeds date of events (below). one or the other of these dates is in error.

"In the summer of 1761 about sixty Shawnee warriors penetrated the settlements on the headwaters of James River. They avoided the fort at the mouth of Looney's Creek and passed through Bowen's Gap in Purgatory Mountain (near Buchanan, in Botetourt County)... At the house of Thomas Smith they shot and scalped Smith and Renix and captured Mrs. Smith and a servant girl named Sally Jew.

George Matthews, of Staunton, and William and Audley Maxwell were on their way to Smith's house at the time of the assault. Hearing the report of the guns as they approached, they supposed there was a shooting match at the place ; but on riding up to the house they discovered the dead bodies of Smith and Renix in the yard. The Indians had concealed themselves in and behind the house and when they saw Matthews and his companions approaching they fired upon them as they wheeled to ride back. The curl of Matthew's queue was cut off and Audley Maxwell was slightly wounded in the arm.

The Matthewses and Maxwells aroused the settlement and all the people soon collected at Paul's Fort, at the Big Spring, near Springfield. Here the women and children were left to he defended by Audley Maxwell and five other men; twenty-one men, led by Matthews, going in search of the enemy."

Rockbridge County, Virginia, September 29, 1790. William Maxwell, of Logan County, Kentucky, power of attorney, to his friend, Audley Maxwell, to convey 350 a. of land formerly owned by John Maxwell, deceased.


James and Audley Maxwell removed from Rockbridge to Tazewell County, Virginia. Their home was on Plum Creek, near the Natural Bridge.