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Alsey Runnels
  1. Elizabeth ReynoldsBEF 1790 -
  2. Nancy ReynoldsABT 1790 -
  3. James Robert ReynoldsABT 1793 -
  4. Jane ReynoldsABT 1798 -
  5. Alsey Runnels1798 - 1872
  6. William ReynoldsABT 1800 -
  7. Rebecca ReynoldsABT 1800 -
  8. Samuel Marion ReynoldsABT 1802 -
  9. Mary Ann ReynoldsABT 1806 -
  10. John ReynoldsAFT 1809 - 1836
m. 01 DEC 1818
  1. James B. Darland1820 - 1908
  2. Martha Jane Darland1822 - 1901
  3. John Darland1824 -
  4. Samuel DarlandABT 1825 -
  5. Mary DarlandABT 1828 -
  6. William L. DarlandABT 1828 -
  7. George W. DarlandABT 1828 -
  8. Martin Darland1832 -
Facts and Events
Name Alsey Runnels
Alt Name Alsey Reynolds
Gender Female
Alt Birth[5] ABT 1789
Birth[1][2][3] 20 May 1798 South Carolina, United States
Marriage 01 DEC 1818 Mercer, Kentucky, United Statesto Isaac Darland
Probate[6] 28 OCT 1839 Indiana, United StatesReceipt
Probate? 1840 Parke, Indiana, United States
Property[7] 03 APR 1846 Parke, Indiana, United StatesLand Sale
Census[1] 1850 Warren, Illinois, United States
Property[8] 07 DEC 1857 Poweshiek, Iowa, United StatesLand Purch
Property[9][18] 07 DEC 1857 Poweshiek, Iowa, United StatesLand Sale
Property[10][19] 06 JAN 1858 Iowa, United StatesLand Purch
Census[2] 1860 Union, Mahaska, Iowa
Property[11][20] 22 FEB 1860 Mahaska, Iowa, United StatesLand Purch
Property[12][21] 22 FEB 1860 Poweshiek, Iowa, United StatesLand Sale
Property[13][22] 01 MAY 1862 Mahaska, Iowa, United StatesLand Sale
Property[14][23] 29 AUG 1863 Mahaska, Iowa, United StatesLand Sale
Property[15][24] 29 JUN 1868 Mahaska, Iowa, United StatesLand Sale
Burial[5] FEB 1872 Barnes City, IowaBoswell Cemetery
Death[4][5] 25 FEB 1872 Poweshiek, Iowa, United States
Probate[16] 04 AUG 1873 Poweshiek, Iowa, United States
  1. 1.0 1.1 Warren, Illinois, United States. 1850 U.S. Census Population Schedule.

    Year: 1850; Census Place: , Warren, Illinois; Roll: M432_131; Page: 28; Image: 56. Household 370 Family 370
    Samuel Darland 25 M Farmer Indiana
    Susannah 21 F Kentucky
    Mary Ann 5 F Iowa
    Isaac 2 M Illinois
    Levi S. 5/12 M Illinois
    Alsey Darland 55 F Widow S. Carolina
    Wm. H Taylor 6 F (sic) Indiana
    Ancestry Link

  2. 2.0 2.1 Mahaska County, Iowa. 1860 U.S. Census Population Schedule.

    Year: 1860; Census Place: Union, Mahaska, Iowa; Roll: M653_334; Page: 99; Image: 99. Family 722, Dwelling 703
    Ancestry Link
    Alsey Darland 63 F Housewife 960 346 S. Carolina
    Martha Taylor 34 F Indiana
    John D. Taylor 16 M Farm Laborer Indiana
    Wm. H. Taylor 15 M Farm Laborer Indiana

  3. Knox, Illinois, United States. 1870 U.S. Census Population Schedule.

    Year: 1870; Census Place: Indian Point, Knox, Illinois; Roll: M593_241; Page: 267; Image: 47.
    Dodge, Jordan 50, M, W, Wagon Maker, 6500, 1885, Kentucky
    _____, Mary, 41, F, W, K--house, Indiana
    _____, Theodosia, 18, F, W, at school, Illinois
    _____, Samuel B, 15, M, W, at school, Illinois
    _____, Theodore D, 13, M, W, at school, Illinois
    _____, Milton A, 11, M, W, at school, Illinois
    _____, John C, 6, M, W, at school, Illinois
    _____, William, 4, M, W, at Home, Illinois
    _____, John, 84, M, W, at Home, __, 2000, Kentucky
    _____, Theodosia, 76, F, W, at Home, __, 1500, Missouri
    Woodruff Mary A, 17, F, W, at school, Illinois
    Darland Elsey, 73, F, W, at home, __, 2000, Tennessee
    Ancestry Link

  4. Parke, Indiana, United States. 1840 U.S. Census Population Schedule, pg. 189.

    Alsey Darland
    5-10 2
    10-15 2
    15-20 2
    20-30 1
    10-15 1
    15-20 2
    40-50 1
    agriculture 5

  5. 5.0 5.1 5.2 Iowa, United States. WPA Graves Registration Survey.

    DARLAND Alsey 83 yrs 25 Feb 1872 Boswell Jackson Twp Poweshiek
    [Birth calculates to 1789]

  6. Estate of Alsey Reynolds: Box 1839, in Parke, Indiana, United States. Probates.

    28 OCT 1839: Receipt of Alsey Darlend for her part of the estate of Alsey Reynolds [her mother]

  7. Parke, Indiana, United States. Deeds, v 10, p 33, 3 April 1846.

    Deeds: vol. 10, p. 33 (3 April 1846)
    Land Sale: E 1/2 SE 1/4 Sec 11, T 16, R 7 west, Parke County, Indiana
    This indenture made the third day of April in the year of our Lord eighteen hundred and forty six between Alsey Darland of the county of Parke and state of Indiana of the one part, and Samuel A. McCampbell of the county and state aforesaid of the other part. Witnesseth that the said Alsey Darland for and in consideration of the sum of $200 to her in hand paid by the said S. A. McCampbell, the receipt whereof she doth hereby acknowledge hath granted bargained sold conveyed and confirmed and doth by these presents grant bargain sell convey and confirm unto the said Samuel A. McCampbell his heirs and assigns forever all her interest and dowery in the real estate of Isaac Darland, deceased, being the east half of the southeast quarter of section 11 of township 16 of range 7 west, in the district of Crawfordsville and the state of Indiana containing 80 acres be the same more or less, together with all the appurtances thereunto belonging the reversions remainders and profits thereof and all the estate title and interest of the said Alsey Darland in the dowery of the real estate of Isaac Darland deceased. To have and to hold the premises aforesaid with all the appurtances to the only proper use benefit and behoof of the said Samuel A. McCampbell his heirs and assigns forever and the said Alsey Darland for herself her heirs executors and administrators doth covenant and agree to and with the said Samuel A. McCampbell his heirs and assigns that she the said Alsey Darland is lawfully seized in fee of the premises that they are free from all encumbrances that she has a good right to sell and convey the same in manner and form aforesaid and further that she and her heirs executors and administrators shall and will warrant and defend the said premises to the said Samuel A. McCampbell his heirs and assigns against the lawful claims of himself and his heirs and also against the lawful claims or claims of all and every person or persons whatsoever and the said Alsey Darland widow of the said Isaac Darland deceased doth hereby relinquish all her right and title of dower in the premises aforesaid. In witness whereof the said Alsey Darland, widow of the said Isaac Darland deceased have hereunto set her hand and seal the day and year above written.
    Signed sealed and delivered in presence of Alexander Buchanan, Hervey N. Adams State of Indiana Parke County to wit: Be it remembered that the within named Alsey Darland came this day personally before me the undersigned a Justice of the Peace in and for the county of Parke aforesaid and acknowledged that she did sign seal and deliver the indenture as her act and deed for the purposes therein specified. Given under my hand and seal in Washington township in the county aforesaid this third day of April in the year of our Lord 1846.

    [signed] Alsey Darland her mark
    Alexander Buchanan, J.P.
    Recorded October 21, 1846 John G Davis recorder

  8. Poweshiek, Iowa, United States. Deeds, Book G, p. 292, 07 Dec 1857.

    Land Purchase: E½ SE¼ & E½ SW½ SE¼ S33 T78 R14, Poweshiek County, Iowa
    Deed from R.B. Ogden and wife. (07 Dec 1857)
    (Recorded 19 July 1859) Identical land bought of Jacob S. Miller. Situated in counties of Poweshiek and Mahaska.

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  16. Estate of Alsey Darland, Probate #431, in Poweshiek County Clerk, 4 Aug 1873.

    Probate #431 Poweshiek County, Iowa
    Alsey Darland, Deceased A. J. Ballon, administrator

    James B. Darland represents that Alsey Darland died intestate in 1872 [month and year left blank] and that personal property will not exceed the value of about $1000 and that he is next of kin to the deceased and asks that A. J. Bolton be appointed administrator.[undated]

    4 Aug 1873 A. J. Bolton appointed Administrator

    Letters issued Aug. 4, 1873 Bond $2000 Bond Record Book B, pg. 129 A.J. Bolton as principal and James B. Darland & Wm. J. Buckingham as sureties.

    A. J. Bolton, administrator ordered to publish notice of appraisement by publication in the Montezuma Republican for two consecutive weeks. 4 Aug 1873

    4 Aug 1873 Montezuma
    Cha's Ruble, Andrew Wymore and Georg Weaver appointed to appraise the personal property of Alsey Darland, deceased.

    Oath of appraisers signed 1 Sept 1873: Charles Ruble [mark], A. J. Wymore, G.S. Weaver

    Appraisers bill: [undated]
    There was no property of any description whatever come under our sight or knowledge.
    certified: Charley Ruble
    A. J. Wymore
    G. W. Wever

    Affidavit of Claim: In account with James B. Darland dated Feb 25, 1872
    Attention during her last illness from Feb 10/72 to Feb 25 / 72 inclusive - 16 days at $4.00 per day - $60.00 [sic]
    Sworn and signed: 22 Sept 1873

    State of Iowa
    Poweshiek County
    To William L Darland, William Henry Taylor, and John Dudley Tayloy

    You and each of you are hereby required to be and appear before the Judge of the Circuit Court in and for Poweshiek County Iowa on Monday the 5th day of January A.D. 1874 at at Montezuma to answer such interrogations as may be propounded to you at said time touching the estate of Alsey Darland late of PoewshiekCounty Iowa Dec'd and herein fail not under penalty of the law in such cases made and provided.
    signed: J. W. Can
    Clerk of Cir. Court
    Poweshiek County Iowa
    Fee Bill from William Bolton for serving the above on William H. Taylor on Dec 24, 1873 and on Dec. 25 1873 in Jackson Township Poweshiek County Iowa. And served W. L. Darland on the same day in Pleasant Grove Township Mahaska County.

  17.   Written by Louisa Robinson, Greenbush, Ill., in Reynolds, Cuyler. Hudson-Mohawk genealogical and family memoirs: a record of achievements of the people of the Hudson and Mohawk valleys in New York state included within the present counties of Albany, Rensselaer, Washington, Saratoga, Montgomery, Fulton, Schenectady, Columbia and Greene. (New York, New York: Lewis Historical Pub., c1911).

    I was just given this weekend pictures and old papers from my grandmother and greatgrandmother that had been in an old trunk. In the papers is a handwritten note: "Elsie (Alsey) Darland was born May 20, 1798.

  18. Mortgage to R.B. Ogden for $1372, 15 acres. (Recorded 8 Dec 1857) Mortgage cancelled 13 June 1866, payment received.
  19. Deed from William J.P. Barnes Etux (Recorded 23 Dec 1861)
  20. Deed from William L. Darland & wife. (Recorded 18 May 1862)
  21. Warranty Deed 120 acres to William L. Darland. (Recorded 25 Feb 1861)
  22. Mortgage to School Fund of Mahaska County. Borrowed $480 from the fund. Payable five years from date. Release 23 Apr 1870.
  23. Deed to David Allen, 10 acres. (Recorded 27 Aug 1866)
  24. Deed to William L Darland of Poweshiek. 120 acres for $2000 (Recorded 15 Dec 1868)