Person:Alexander Glover (5)

Alexander Glover
m. Feb 1780
  1. Philander Glover1782 - 1843
  2. Sarah Salisbury Glover1784 - 1812
  3. Elizabeth Glover1787 - 1848
  4. Alexander Glover1789 - 1868
  5. Sophronia GloverBEF 1791 -
  6. Rachel Glover1793 - 1826
  7. George Whitfield Glover1794 - 1839
  8. Charles Williamson Glover1796 - AFT 1870
  9. Samuel Stillman Glover1798 - 1870
  10. Amelia Glover1801 - 1884
  11. Polly Glover1801 -
  12. William Salisbury Glover1803 - 1804
m. 17 AUG 1816
  1. Jonathan Edward Glover1819 - 1846
  2. Mary Ellen Glover1822 - BEF 1823
  3. William Powell Glover1823 - 1906
m. ABT 1838
m. AFT 1853
Facts and Events
Name[1][2][3] Alexander Glover
Gender Male
Birth[4][5] 6 MAR 1789 Conway, Franklin Co, MA
Christening[6] 21 APR 1789 Conway, Franklin Co, MA
Marriage 17 AUG 1816 Phelps, Ontario Co, NYto Abigail widow Rees
Census? 1820 [[Place:Phelps, Ontario County, NY 1m 26-45, 1m <10, 1f 26-45, 1f 16-26, 1f 10-16, 1f <10|Phelps, Ontario County, NY 1m 26-45, 1m <10, 1f 26-45, 1f 16-26, 1f 10-16, 1f <10]]
Census? 1830 Marion, Wayne Co, NY; just after Seth & David Eddy; 1m 1-10, 1m 40; 1f 10-15, 1f 15-20, 1f 20-30, 1f 40-50, 1f 70-80
Marriage ABT 1838 to Clarissa A Hawley
Occupation? 1850 Farmer
Census? 1850 Webster, Monroe Co, NY, age 61 b MA
Marriage AFT 1853 MIto Eliza Salisbury
Death[7] 1868
Burial[8] UNKNOWN Webster Union Cemetery, Monroe Co, NY

Glover Memorials and Genealogies, pg 531

(95) Alexander Glover, the second son of Alexander and Sarah (Salisbury) Glover, was born in Conway, Mass., March 6, 1789 and resides in Webster, NY. He removed from Conway to Phelps, N.Y., and thence to Webster, N.Y. He owns a large landed estate there, which is said to be under high cultivation. For many years he has devoted his attention to agricultural pursuits. He has been thrice married. First, July 4, 1816, he was married to Abigail Reese Powell, who died Sept. 10, 1837, and by her he had three children, one of whom survives. Second to Clarissa Hawley, and lived with her 12 years; she died in 1840. Third to Mrs Eliza (Field) Tompkins, widow. They have no issue. She was the daughter of Stephen Salisbury, Esq., of Ypsilanti, Michigan, and first cousin to Mr. Glover. Stephen Salisbury, her father, was the youngest brother of Sarah Salisbury, the mother of Alexander Glover. The mother of Mrs. Glover was a daughter of the Rev. J. Powell, of the Presbyterian Church oin New York City, who emigrated from Wales to that city, and was pastor of a church there for several years. He afterwards removed to Phelps, N.Y.

Children of Alexander and Abigail Reese (Powell) Glover, born in Phelps, N. Y.:

 205. Jonathan Edwards b Dec 5, 1819; d Dec 23, 1846, aged 27
 206. Mary Ellen, b Mch 15, 1812; d young

+207. William Powell, b Sept 7, 1823; m. Mary Caroline Hammond

Note: I believe that Mary Ellen's date of birth should be March 15, 1822 as the couple did not marry until 1816 and in all the entries in the book the dates are arranged in correct order. (CAG 6/2005)

Note: If Clarissa Hawley, his second wife, died in 1840 and they were married 12 years, they were married in 1828. Since Abigail Rees did not died until 1837 I believe these dates to be in error.

10,000 Vital Records of Western New York, pg 91 3489. Glover, Alexander m Mrs. Abigail Rees (3-8/7/16) There are no other listings for him.

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