Person:Abraham Taylor (7)

m. 16 Dec 1681
  1. Abraham Taylor1682/83 - aft 1744
  2. John Taylor1685 -
  3. Ebenezer Taylor1688 -
  4. Elizabeth Taylor1690 -
  5. Mary Taylor1691/92 -
  6. Jonathan Taylor1694 - 1748
  7. Sarah Taylor1696 -
  8. David Taylor1698/99 - Aft 1776
  9. Benjamin Taylor1699 -
  10. Nathaniel Taylor1701/02 -
  11. Daniel Taylor1703/04 -
  12. Timothy Taylor1705/06 - 1706
  • HAbraham Taylor1682/83 - aft 1744
  • WSarah Pellet1685 - abt 1710
m. 9 Dec 1706
  1. Abraham Taylor1707 - 1743
  2. Samuel Taylor1708 - 1792
  • HAbraham Taylor1682/83 - aft 1744
  • W.  Mary (add)
m. abt 1714
  1. Joseph Taylor1716 -
  2. Timothy Taylor1718 - aft 1764
  3. Alice Taylor1720 - Bef 1768
  4. Amos Taylor1725 -
Facts and Events
Name Abraham Taylor
Gender Male
Birth[1][2] 11 Jan 1682/83 Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States
Marriage 9 Dec 1706 Concord, Massachusettsto Sarah Pellet
Marriage abt 1714 Dunstable, Massachusettsto Mary (add)
Death[1] aft 1744 Dunstable, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States(probable loc)
Vital Records

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Moved to Dunstable by 25 Oct 1718, at which time he is listed as one of the proprietors (along with one "John" Taylor -- his brother Jonathan?) of a farm that was divided by many families into plots. (History of the Town of Dunstable, p8.)

Was on the Dunstable tax list as late as 1744 (ibid, p 76).

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    "Abraham Taylor, son of Abraham and Mary (Whitaker) Taylor and grandson of William Taylor of Concord, was born in Concord, January 11, 1682-3. He married December 9, 1706, Sarah Pellet, born in Concord September 5, 1685, daughter of Thomas and Mary (Dane) Pellet. He lived in Concord until 1710, and there two sons were born. His wife, Sarah, died about the date of his removal to Dunstable. His second wife was Mary, but a record of the marriage is not found. He was a man of good character and a worthy citizen." (Four more children between 1716 and 1725 are listed here. No record of death is given.)

  2. Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States. Births, Marriages, and Deaths, 1635-1850. (Boston: Beacon Press, 1891), 25.

    Abraham of Abraham Taylor born 11 . 11 a. 82. [In 1682, the 11th month was January of what we would consider to be 1683, but was then part of 1682.]
    [duplicate, p. 83:] Abraham Taylor ye Son of Abraham Taylor & Mary his wife was Born January ye 11th 1682.03 [sic, clearly means 1682.83 making the dates agree.]