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William Walker

In March of 1734 William secured a Blunston license for 400 acres on the southside of Conewadaget Creek in what is now Cumberland County. The following year he received a warrant for 354 acres which probably pertains to the same parcel. In 1744 he surveyed and patented this property.

Warantee [1]LocationDate of WarrantDate of PatentPatenteeSurvey Book
William WalkerE. Pennsboro, Cumberland County
in an ox bow of Conedagwanet Creek adjacent James Law. [2]
1735[3] 17 Oct 1744 William Walker C224 143

The survey map for the property (below left) clearly shows it on the south side of Conewadaget Creek, and lying within the confines of an "oxbow" in the stream course. Comparing the shape of the oxbow with those depicted on a modern USGS map (right) makes it clear that William's property lay about 5 miles upstream (as the crow flies) from the mouth of the Conewadaget, a little to the northeast of Mechanicsville.[4]

William apparently had the land surveyed and patented simply because it was his intention to sell it. Source:Mayhill, 1973:4,14 indicates that the parcel was mortgauged to Peters and Lardner of Philadelphia for 45-15 lbs on Oct 1, 1744, and then sold the following year 7 (Oct 1745) to William Trout and George Croghan. There are numerous deed records surrounding this transaction.

A56 354a on Condogwainet Creek in Pennsborough. George Croghan merchant, mort. to Richard Peters of Philadelphia. Parcel originally patented to William Walker 17 Oct 1744, who sold property to George Croghan and William Trout 7 Oct 1745. Trout then sold his share to Croghan 6 July 1746. This entry also mentions a 171 a parcel originally patented to George Croghan, and surveyed for him on 16 April 1746.[5]

B242 354 a on Conedogwaintet Cr, James Saw Neighbor, mortauged to Peters and Lardner of Philadelphia for 48-15 lbs., 18 Oct 1744.

B445 354a Pennsboro Tp on Conedogwainet Creek, neighbor James Saw, William Trent transfers and releases title to George Croghan for 150lb 7 Oct 1745[6] William Walker and wife Elizabeth are shown as giving entfeoff and release for the property on 7 October 1745 to William Trent. This probably means that he was unable to payoff the mortguage, and surrendered the property. Trent then sold the property to Croghan.

B447 1/2 part of 171 ac tract Pennsborough, Conedogwaintet Cr, adjacent William Walker James Silver. William Trent entfeoff and release George Croghan for 70lbs,4 July 1746. George Croghan entfeoff and release William Trent 2 May ____.

B476 354a {ennsborough tp, Conedogwainet Crekk, James Saw neightbro. Also 120 a Pennsborough tp Conedogwaintet Creek William Walker Jams Silver neighbors, George Corghan mort. to Jermiah Warder (felt maker) od Philadelphia, 500 lbs., 3 Dec. 1747.